A Thanksgiving Tablescape

img_6197Last year we hosted our first Thanksgiving dinner at our house. We had never prepared a turkey before last year but since we had figured it out then, we decided that we could do it again! My husband is a great cook and is always willing to take on the majority of the cooking which allows me to really enjoy the decorating. When I created my Thanksgiving tablescape last year, I shared it on here so I decided to share this years too! Continue reading

Ikea Closet Hack


Custom closets can be a very expensive addition to your house. Fortunately Ikea makes a very versatile system that will fool people into thinking you spent thousands on hiring a professional. The Pax wardrobe system comes in two heights, three widths and two depths. There is also a choice of three different colours, although the stained oak colour limits your choices of sizes while the black-brown and white are available in all sizes. Choose the best sizes that fit your clothes organization style and the amount of room you have. Be sure to measure your ceiling clearance before buying the taller wardrobe option.

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Finding New in the Old

I love the idea of giving new life to an old item and have been an avid painter over the years. I discovered chalk paint last summer and went to town chalk painting anything and everything I could get my hands onto. Before that I used regular paint to revamp old furniture. I’ve also been one to do a quick recover on dining chairs to freshen them up. I love giving a personal, unique touch to an item and the amount you can save doing some work is great. Plus, you can’t beat having a real wood product over the cheap materials that are being used today. Here are a few of my bigger projects from over the years.  Continue reading

A Floral Nursery


Before we even began trying for a baby I was already dreaming of decorating a nursery for our future little guy or gal. We of course didn’t care what the gender was as all we wanted was for our baby to be healthy, but I myself am quite the girlie girl and was not so secretly hoping for a little girl! I’ve had my eye on this Anthropologie peony wallpaper since I caught sight of it on Pinterest and Instagram almost 2 years ago. Each time I saw it pop up I would save the picture or pin it, in hopes of getting the chance to use it one day for my own baby girl.

When we found out we were expecting I created 3 inspiration boards, one for both genders as well as a gender neutral one in case we chose not to find out the sex. Before becoming pregnant I often thought I would have a boy first, but once I became pregnant I instantly had a feeling that I was carrying a girl. My hubby and I couldn’t resist knowing the gender and so we made the decision at 20 weeks to find out. Once we knew it was a girl I was off and running to create a peony wallpaper inspired nursery filled with coral and mint for both my future babe and I to enjoy. I instantly knew I wanted to use the Anthropologie wallpaper but was fearful it would be overpowering so I opted to do only one feature wall of it behind the crib. I kept everything else in the room fairly neutral in order to let the wallpaper really be the star of the show. I then of course added my touches of gold, which were perfectly appropriate for a baby girl and are carried throughout the rest of our home.

I absolutely love home decor and have always enjoyed decorating our homes, but creating this room in preparation for our babe was even more special! Every item was picked with care and each print and saying was designed with love. I am so happy with how it came together; it’s the perfect mix of white and gold with a little splash of colour. I enjoyed this process so much that I am truly sad it’s over and am already looking forward to doing it all over again for baby #2!

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