12 Months Old

FullSizeRender-9612 months… one whole year. Wow how I can’t believe it. I seriously can’t believe it. To say to myself that yesterday was her first birthday doesn’t seem possible. I sit here in complete denial, not knowing how it can be that an entire year has passed since she graced us with her presence in this world. This 12 month update will be the last monthly update that I do for her and to say that I am sad is an understatement. Watching the growth she has made over the past 12 months has been an incredible experience.

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The Truth About Breastfeeding Part 3

IMG_9718Well, it’s coming up to one year of breastfeeding and I admit we have come a long way. Well that’s not totally true, Emsley hasn’t done all that much but I myself have come a long way. A lot has changed since day one of breastfeeding, right after giving birth to Emsley at the hospital. If you’ve been following along and reading my Truth About Breastfeeding updates, both part one and part two, you’ll already know that the journey has not been an easy one. Let me take this time to remind you of how the journey has progressed, because although I think you might already know theses truths, the fact of the matter is when you haven’t experienced it first hand yourself, you likely read it, acknowledged it and then forgot it. I however, cannot forget it. It feels as though it will always be burned into my memory…

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