JORD Wood Watches Giveaway

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I had seen some wood watches in the past and absolutely loved the concept of them. The problem was I found all of the styles to be a bit large and masculine for my personal taste. I consider myself to be the girlie-girl type so when I laid my eyes on the Cora Koa & Rose Gold watch by JORD Wood Watches, I was instantly in love!  Continue reading

Family Fun Friday – Pineridge Hollow

img_4629This past weekend, the three of us we went out to Pineridge Hollow for the late morning and early afternoon. I only discovered this little gem in Manitoba a few years back and I feel like I’ve been missing out for so long! This summer I participated in a few of their Farmer’s Markets, selling the items I make over at August Lace Designs. While I was there I got the chance to experience Pineridge Hollow in a whole new way. My husband and I really enjoyed being a vendor at the markets, and each time we participated we talked about coming to visit on the other side of things, as a consumer.

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Tiny Inspirations Giveaway


The teething struggle is real my friends! When Ems was younger she wasn’t really like the other babies I’d see. She didn’t drool like a faucet and she sure wasn’t fussy for no apparent reason like I had heard all the other moms talk about. Our girl was definitely more relaxed in the teething department. She finally got her first tooth around 7.5 months and it seemed like it showed up out of nowhere. Even when the second one appeared at 8.5 months the process seemed fairly consistent. All of a sudden, poof there was a tooth! After those two came however, the teething struggle I had heard about became more obvious. She was drooling, fussy and hard to console at times. It was around then that I started to look for teething options and came across a local shop called “Tiny Inspirations”. Tiny Inspirations makes a whole range of safe and fun teething accessories for both moms and babes. From clips, to bracelets, to necklaces and teething rings; the options are endless!

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Baby Girl Fall Cat Favourites


Our family pet is a black cat named Spooky, who used to be my one and only child, or fur child as we lovingly referred to him. Once Ems came along Spooky unfortunately has not made much of a debut on my Instagram account anymore. He’s a fully black cat with bright yellow eyes, which actually makes it quite hard to get a nice photo of him as he tends to disappear into the darkness. He is still very present in our lives however and my love for cats and particularly black cats has transferred right into baby girl’s wardrobe!

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Dating Your Husband

05997CA7-53D4-41DA-9BB6-5B20FC7376FCBefore we had our daughter, my husband and I vowed that one day when we had kids we would be the couple who consistently prioritized and carved out time together alone. We valued and recognized the importance of spending time together by ourselves as a couple, one on one. In both our dating and married life we have always enjoyed finding new restaurants to dine at and travelling to new cities together. We knew we wanted this in our future, children or not and we vowed we would find a balance between it all. We saw some of our friends who had kids who we felt mastered this, taking time for themselves to go for romantic dinners, shipping their kids off to the grandparents to spend nights together alone and going on vacations solo. We would always comment to ourselves how nice that was and how it would be us! This mentality stuck in our heads during our entire pregnancy until July 28, 2015 happened and our little pumpkin entered the world.

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