Family Fun Friday – The Zoo

IMG_2706When I made the decision to go back to work part time and to specifically take Fridays off, I decided to dedicate every Friday as “Family Fun Fridays”. That meant no working the day away cleaning, sewing, doing errands or being consumed by social media. My focus and priority, as it always is and should be, (but let’s be honest, life is busy and full of many different aspects), would be spending the Friday with my family. My hubby won’t be available on most Fridays as he will be working but right now he’s off for the summer and so the three of us are getting some quality time in. When he returns to work this fall, the Fridays will become the focus of a mommy and daughter day. My hope and plan is to organize some sort of activity each Friday to do with her. Whether it be a meal out, wandering the mall, going to do an activity or joining a mommy group, I want to make sure we always do something extra special and fun together on the Friday. If you read my post A Mother’s Promise, I had made a promise to myself to set aside time each week for a one on one mother and daughter day and I want to try my best to honour that with Family Fun Fridays. I figured I would share some of our Friday events on here on the following Monday if anyone is wanting to see what we were up to. I know sometimes it can be hard to think of an idea or activity to do, so I hope to inspire others who might be struggling to come up with their own. If you guys have ideas or things you like to do with your kids, comment below and let me know as I know I will need help coming up with some ideas in the future!

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Summer Family Photos


It’s no surprise that I love taking photos of Miss Lace, hence my love for Instagram! I’m sure many other moms can relate in that it seems like we are always the ones behind the camera snapping the shots and therefore are rarely in the photos ourselves. My hubby is a great sport and from time to time we will set aside a few minutes to get some mother and daughter photos in but if he’s behind the camera it means he’s not in our photos either! So it seems like there’s always someone “missing” from our shots.

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A Floral Woodland First Birthday


When I started envisioning a theme for Emsley’s first birthday party I was instantly drawn to thoughts of flowers. Since she was born in July picking a theme related to summer and the feeling of being outside felt totally appropriate. I loved the idea of a ‘Garden Tea Party’ theme in our backyard but right now our backyard lacks a fence and is full of weeds and mud (the joys of a new build!). A Garden Tea Party theme at our place could have felt really authentic but not exactly the pretty Secret Garden-esque feel that I was going for. Also, weather would have been something that I needed to consider when planning an outdoor party so I figured I would err on the side of caution and keep things indoors. Playing off my original idea of a ‘Garden Tea Party’ I decided to create a ‘Floral Woodland’ theme instead. That way I could still include lots of flowers but also mix in some wood elements, which if you’ve seen pictures of our house, I absolutely love!

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Finding a Balance: Mom Guilt

FullSizeRender-3It seems like just yesterday that I was sitting in a meeting around 3:30 pm shifting uncomfortably in my chair thinking my stomach was upset from my lunch. I remember speaking to a co-worker after that meeting and having to sit down in a chair due to the pain in my stomach. I felt frustrated as I had experienced similar stomach issues in the past and figured that’s what was occurring. I remember apologizing to my co-worker for sitting down in the middle of explaining something but it seemed that she was more aware of what was happening to me than I was. I was frustrated because the cramping was distracting and stopping me from doing my job. I fought through it though and continued to work until the end of the work day.

I wanted Emsley and I knew I was “ready”. I put the word ready in quotations because I don’t think you can ever be 100 percent ready, but I was as close mentally as I’d ever be. Despite this, I was in complete denial that I was having a baby that day. I hadn’t finished the tasks I wanted to finish at work. I hadn’t finished training my replacement or cleaning out my desk. In my head she was supposed to be born in August. Her due date was August 9 and I had wrapped my head around the fact that I would be overdue like many first time mom’s are. Based on this she would be an August baby. This would give me one to three whole weeks of MAT leave to get things in order and finish packing the hospital bag before she arrived. July just wasn’t the right month in my head; it didn’t make any sense in my very pregnant brain. But clearly, like many things in life, I had no say in the matter. On July 28, 2015 at 8:10 pm our little girl entered this world in a very fast manner. It was a beautiful day outside, hot and sunny and I couldn’t have asked for better weather to walk into the hospital with.

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