Hi! My name is Arlynn, and I am a strong believer in sharing stories with others, in hopes it sparks something in someone else’s life! Whether it be about life with kids, marriage, the journey of motherhood, home decor, or a DIY project, I love to share it all!  I am a wife to an amazingly supportive, creative and handy hubby, Jonathan. We have been married for nine years and have been together for fourteen. We love to work on our house, and are always trying to make it more organized and functional as we add babies into the mix. We have a five year old daughter, named Emsley Lace, and two sons, a three year old boy named Everton Row and a new babe born in November of last year, named Cayman Oak.

I started this blog during my first maternity leave with my daughter back in 2015, as a creative outlet and a means of communicating with other women, particularly moms. As much as I was ready to become a mom, transitioning from working full time as a psychiatric nurse to my new stay at home mom role presented as challenging for me. I didn’t have many friends who had kids yet, so I sought comfort via social media meeting other moms who had children in a similar age range as my own.  Since 2015, I’ve made lots of friendships on Instagram, as well as discovered a whole new world of home decor and DIY on it. 

Follow along with me on here, but mostly on my Instagram page, as my husband and I share our thoughts about marriage, parenthood, raising our babies, DIY projects and home decor!

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  1. Hello. I haven’t looked through your blog yet I just couldn’t find a way to subscribe without leaving a comment. Looking forward to enjoying the blog!


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