Some Bunny Is Two // Emsley’s 2nd Birthday Party

This year for Emsley’s 2nd birthday I decided to do a bunny theme. It seemed fitting as her favourite stuffy is a Jellycat bunny which she carries around with her everywhere she goes and is a MUST have item to cuddle when she falls sleep. I recently got her a smaller version of the same bunny so she now carries “big bunny” and “little bunny” around everywhere together. When I told her the theme for her birthday party was bunnies she immediately requested a change to a mermaid theme but I kindly explained to her that it was a little too late for that as mommy had already started to order the bunny decor. Gotta love the 2 year old personality that’s emerging! Here I thought birthday party requests wouldn’t start until next year… lol. Oh well, after a quick explanation and some convincing she was in agreement with a “bunny birthday”.

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First Easter Egg Hunt

Last year we went away around Easter weekend so we didn’t do much in terms of decor, activities or gifts for Ems. She was only 8 months old and clearly had no idea what was going on, especially not having an older sibling to watch and follow along with. This year however since she was 20 months old I decided to get into the festivities a lot more! I decorated her little kitchen area and our dining hutch, bought some crafts and completed the weekend with an egg hunt and Easter themed pancakes!

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Indigo Valentine’s Day Board Book Favourites

indigovdaybook-001I have always been a big fan of ALL holidays, including the hallmark kind. Having Ems to share in the excitement of the holidays has allowed me to take it to a whole new level. Since she is almost a year and a half she’s at the age where she is really starting to learn what everything is. I find that books are the best way to teach her about the holidays, as they provide her with the opportunity to learn the various words of items that are associated with the season. It also gives me the chance to ask her to point out the new items she’s learning on the pages while we read, which brings her (and mommy) so much joy!

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