First Easter Egg Hunt

Last year we went away around Easter weekend so we didn’t do much in terms of decor, activities or gifts for Ems. She was only 8 months old and clearly had no idea what was going on, especially not having an older sibling to watch and follow along with. This year however since she was 20 months old I decided to get into the festivities a lot more! I decorated her little kitchen area and our dining hutch, bought some crafts and completed the weekend with an egg hunt and Easter themed pancakes!

I had low expectations for what Ems would do with the egg hunt because essentially it feels like you’re telling your toddler to clean up which is already a struggle. I couldn’t imagine she would get excited about cleaning up eggs if mommy asked her to. Boy was I wrong! She got right into the hunt and was quickly showing much excitement towards finding the tiny coloured eggs and the extra large gold ones. I had also picked up some white bunny faced eggs from the dollar store and scattered those throughout the house but the little monkey refused to pick them up despite explaining to her that they were a different type of egg. She absolutely LOVES bunnies so I was shocked to see that she wasn’t into finding them.

In her baskets I put a mix of bunny themed books, stuffies, play doh, little toys from the Target dollar bins, bubbles and of course chocolate! I also added some stamp pens from Ikea, pinwheels because they are her favourite, sidewalk chalk (also from Ikea because they make some that are smaller and easier for her to hold), and a few Frozen toys because that’s her favourite movie. I had also purchased a larger Mega Blocks table toy (because it was on a great clearance!) a while ago and decided to include it in the Easter gifts. Her basket wasn’t big enough to hold all my trinkets and toys so I opted to buy a wagon to use as a secondary basket which she can later use outside. The basket is an adorable satin pink with gold trim and white feather detailing and was a steal on clearance after Easter last year for under $8 dollars at PBK!

For her eggs, I didn’t want to fill them all with chocolate m & m’s (which are her favourite candy) so I did some bigger ones with Little People characters, and the little ones with bracelets, stickers, tattoos and some dollar store bunny trinkets. 

Before the hunt, we went out to church in the morning so this was her little outfit for that. Her dress is from H&M (linked new colour), the cardigan from Zara Kids, the flower bow from Elle Bowtique, and the shoes from The Coral Pear. My dress is also from H&M (linked a similar one) and my boots are Marc Fisher. In the picture below Ems is super excited to show off the jelly beans she got at Church, haha! Little did she know there was a lot more candy to come…

After the hunt we had chick and bunny pancakes. The chick is made from a form I bought at Homesnse and the bunny was free drawn and inspired from Pinterest. 

Hoppy Easter!

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