Rudolph The Reindeer Hershey Kiss Gift

I love being inspired by other mommas on Instagram so thought I would do a quick post on this cute, little gift my kids are handing out to their toddler friends at preschool this year for Christmas.

I found this adorable reindeer face printable for free on Pinterest via the Party Delights website on their blog. Their original link can be seen here. I downloaded the original image and decided to tweak it a bit as I wanted to do a Hershey kiss nose instead of a lollipop. I copied the front side of the image and multiplied them on one page to reduce the costs. Here is my Rudolph printable that I created from the Party Delights image. They are now the perfect size for a Hershey kiss nose! I had it printed at a local print shop, which I often use for my projects. Sending it to Staples would also be very easy and cheap.

I had already bought these red and white Santa hat Hershey kisses, so I decided I would use them for Rudolph’s red nose. Obviously plain red ones would be ideal for Rudolph but it didn’t make sense to buy more when I had these already. I hand wrote a little personalized note on the back of each one and then used Elmer’s glue to stick on the Hershey kiss.

It was super easy, cost effective and best of all, cute! I hope you can benefit and use it for your kids as well!

Happy Holidays 🙂

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