Kitchen Lighting Refresh Ideas

After completing our recent master bedroom refresh, I have the design bug to keep on going! This month, we will have been in our house for five years, and with that, I am feeling the urge to freshen up some of our spaces! We designed this house a year before we moved in, so in six years my taste has changed a bit. Plus, with kids running around now I have them to keep in mind when making my current design decisions. 

One of the decor choices I made for our house that I didn’t love from the beginning, was our pendant lighting above our kitchen island. I have always enjoyed a good oversized light fixture and have felt that the ones I picked out for our kitchen island are too small in size, in terms of the size of the island and overall space. I still love these lights for their colouring and quality and I think they would be great in a different space with a smaller kitchen island or even above a basement bar. But, for our current island which is about seven feet long, I feel a bigger style fixture would look better! I am always inspired by designers like Monika Hibbs, Jillian Harris, Tori Wesszer and Becki Owens and have decided it is time to try out something new! 
To find some lighting options, I turned to Wayfair again, as I was super happy with the products I got from them for my master bedroom refresh. I especially loved the price point of the pieces I picked and the quality they offered. During our master bedroom refresh, I encountered an issue with an item and had to contact Wayfair’s customer service and they were amaaaaazing!!! For me, that’s HUGE. If I have a good experience customer service wise, I am sold! It makes such a difference in terms of overall satisfaction with my purchases.
I know that if I want to stay more safe in my lighting choices, picking a dome style light similar to what we have already, which offers a more rustic modern look, but in white with a hint of gold could be fun. But, since I’ve already had that style for about five years, I know that if I pick a different style, it would really transform the space. Over the past couple of years, I’ve been drawn to the lantern style fixtures I’ve been seeing all over Instagram. What I like about them, is they offer a large scale look while still being open and airy. With my husband being taller, one of his biggest concerns is having a large light blocking his view when looking out from our kitchen island to our living room. I feel like the lantern style pendant would be a great choice for his concern. And I know if I wanted to be more adventurous with either of those, I could pick a bronze-aged gold style, making it feel even more different and fresh in the space! Buuuuuut, to complicate things even more, I’ve recently found myself gravitating towards the circle pendant style in a mix of metal and white glass. I find this style has a more coastal feel which I have been loving more and more since doing my son’s nursery in this style of decor!  Picking either a brushed chrome or chrome option in the circle pendant style I think would look great in my space and be a safer option. But once again, picking a bronze-aged gold option in that style could be super different for our space… sooooo many choices!! 
To make sure I don’t buy something too small (again!), I have been cutting out pieces of cardboard in the size of the pendants I’ve been looking at. I’ve been taping up the different cardboard pieces to my existing pendant light fixtures so I can get a sense of the size they would be in our space. I’ve been leaving them up for a few days at a time to make sure I am happy with them and it’s been working great in terms of my decision making!

The other thing I want to change in my kitchen is our counter seating. I bought our metal counter stools years ago before having kids. What I like about them is they aren’t cloth and therefore I don’t have to worry about the kids making stains. I also like that they tuck really nicely under the island counter, offering more walkable space between our kitchen island and couch. What I feel they lack, is a back. I find chairs with backs more comfortable in general, but mostly I want that style for our kids. My daughter being older now often sits at the island to craft, instead of at our table as it’s easier to clean. Baby brother is in the monkey see-monkey do phase right now and is always wanting to keep up with big sis, therefore he often climbs onto the stool next to her to see what she’s doing. It was easy to stop our daughter at that age from climbing the stools but now that brother has someone to follow, it’s much harder to stop him. Because of this, I’d like to find new stools that have backs and are easily washable!

Below are my lighting options for my kitchen space! Click on the corresponding numbers for all the links. Once I get some new lights and counter stools I will post the completed kitchen refresh on here!

Stay tuned.. 🙂

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