Lucky duck Valentine’s Day cards

Back in December I shared my toddler friendly Hershey Kiss Rudolph Christmas cards with you guys, so I figured I’d share my Valentine’s Day cards too! These are a little less appropriate for the older aged toddlers but my son who is two is currently in a play group for one and two year olds, so I designed these with that age group in mind!

Being that his play group has mixed ages, I find it a bit more challenging to come up with ideas that are appropriate and safe for one year olds. I noticed these cute Valentine rubber duckies at Walmart this year and grabbed them as I figured they’d be a great fit! I also saw very similar ones at Michaels. I designed these cards with the typical Valentines colours and put the cheesy line “I’m one lucky duck to have a friend like you!” on all of them, because who doesn’t love some play on words? 🙂 I once again placed 8 Valentine cards on each page to reduce my costs and had them printed at a local print shop. I have cellophane bags from my August Lace Design days that I’ll use to put one of each in, but many stores have Valentines treat bags out right now that would also work. Even a simple Ziploc would do the trick! Here is the Valentine printable if you want to use it for your kiddos!


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