Spring Toddler Girl Lace Favourites

I’ve been busier than usual around here as we prepared to go away in March for a few weeks to Hawaii, so I haven’t done as much blogging as I would have liked to. I was hoping to post some of my resort looks for Ems before we left but since I ran out of time I decided to incorporate some of my vacation choices in my other posts. I am also hoping to post some Hawaii pics on here which will also talk about her resort wear outfit details. Since we returned from our winter vacation about a week ago, it appears that Spring decided to grace us with its wonderful, sunny and warm presence! The snow is basically all gone, our skin is still sun kissed (and slightly peeling) and we are ready to keep out our sandals, shorts, dresses and sun hats!

After my 6 week blogging hiatus I decided that I’d start back with my Spring picks for toddler girl (yes, that’s right my baby is no longer a baby!) by rounding up one of my favourite looks… LACE! These picks are all about the lace, eyelet, and crochet detailing! I love how the detailing adds a little something something to her clothing and has an overall grown up vibe to it. Last Spring I purchased a pair of lace trim jean shorts from Zara and I had a lot of people ask on Instagram where I had got them from. They had sold out pretty fast but luckily Zara has brought back a few new styles this Spring and even a pair of jeans, so hop to it (Easter pun intended) and grab yourself a pair before they sell out again!

1. Lace Trim Shorts | 2. Flutter Top | 3. Eyelet Ruffle Swimsuit | 4. Crochet Knit Sandal | 5. Lace Hat | 6. Crochet Top | 7. Lace Dress | 8. Lace Trim Jeans

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