Indigo Valentine’s Day Board Book Favourites

indigovdaybook-001I have always been a big fan of ALL holidays, including the hallmark kind. Having Ems to share in the excitement of the holidays has allowed me to take it to a whole new level. Since she is almost a year and a half she’s at the age where she is really starting to learn what everything is. I find that books are the best way to teach her about the holidays, as they provide her with the opportunity to learn the various words of items that are associated with the season. It also gives me the chance to ask her to point out the new items she’s learning on the pages while we read, which brings her (and mommy) so much joy!

When January 1 hit, I happily packed up the Christmas books to make way for the Valentine’s ones! These are the books we are currently reading which we found through Indigo online. I like to buy my books online because they tend to be cheaper and with free shipping to the store or free shipping to your door when it’s over $50, it’s a no brainer! The biggest thing to consider for Ems right now when picking out books has been picking ones that are interactive. She loves when she can lift a flap or touch a three dimensional item. Number 8 is a favourite right now as it has a lot of flaps concealing items she knows the words of, which is super exciting for her when she recognizes them! Sesame Street is a big hit in our house lately so number 5 is also one of her usual top picks. Not only does it have flaps, it also features Elmo which she loves to point out on each page!

Here are the links to all of our Valentine’s favourites:

1. Counting Kisses | 2. Elmo’s Valentine | 3. Snuggle Puppy | 4. The Shape of My Heart | 5. Elmo’s World: Love! | 6. Hugs and Kisses | 7. Love and Kisses |              8. Where Is Baby’s Valentine?

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