Valentine’s Baby Girl Favourites


It’s officially February! Annnnnd the only way I can make it through this cold and rather drab month is to focus on the wonderfulness of Valentine’s day!

Pink is a go to colour of mine, but red, not so much. Although this holiday is usually all about pairing the two together in their rather clashing, but charming Valentine’s way, I’ve decided to focus my picks with pink only in mind! Oh and let’s not forget the hearts! Hearts are always a sweet element to any baby girl’s wardrobe. So if you’re not into a whole lot of pink like I am, I’ve added a few simplistic pieces that can transfer into spring wear and even resort wear, (if you’re lucky enough to escape this cold!). Happy love month shopping!

1. Tutu Swimsuit | 2. Sparkle Sunglasses | 3. I Heart You Shirt | 4. Heart Storage Bin |  5. Pink Converse | 6. Heart Patch Leggings | 7. Speckle Heart Sweater |    8. Chatty Hearts PJs

*6 is no longer online but is available in store!

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