Family Fun Friday – The Zoo

IMG_2706When I made the decision to go back to work part time and to specifically take Fridays off, I decided to dedicate every Friday as “Family Fun Fridays”. That meant no working the day away cleaning, sewing, doing errands or being consumed by social media. My focus and priority, as it always is and should be, (but let’s be honest, life is busy and full of many different aspects), would be spending the Friday with my family. My hubby won’t be available on most Fridays as he will be working but right now he’s off for the summer and so the three of us are getting some quality time in. When he returns to work this fall, the Fridays will become the focus of a mommy and daughter day. My hope and plan is to organize some sort of activity each Friday to do with her. Whether it be a meal out, wandering the mall, going to do an activity or joining a mommy group, I want to make sure we always do something extra special and fun together on the Friday. If you read my post A Mother’s Promise, I had made a promise to myself to set aside time each week for a one on one mother and daughter day and I want to try my best to honour that with Family Fun Fridays. I figured I would share some of our Friday events on here on the following Monday if anyone is wanting to see what we were up to. I know sometimes it can be hard to think of an idea or activity to do, so I hope to inspire others who might be struggling to come up with their own. If you guys have ideas or things you like to do with your kids, comment below and let me know as I know I will need help coming up with some ideas in the future!

This past Friday the three of us went out for breakfast and then to the Winnipeg Zoo to check out the polar bears (we have a great Journey to Churchill exhibit) and the rest of the animals. The weather was perfect, about twenty degrees celcius and mostly overcast so we didn’t roast which was great. The cooler weather also meant that the animals were visible as they weren’t hiding from the sun! We weren’t sure how much Emsley would get out of the zoo experience being that she is only twelve months old, but she absolutely loved it! She was constantly pointing and checking out the animals, the ones that moved around at least. The ones that were sleeping, like the sloth, didn’t exactly catch her attention. 😉  Her favourite areas were the Tropical house and the Journey to Churchill exhibits, probably because they had the most action. Our zoo currently has the Dinosaurs Alive exhibit on and that was definitely her least favourite. Although we were able to teach her how to roar, she didn’t like it so much when the dinosaurs roared back. Ironically the giant T-Rex at the end was her favourite, which didn’t really make any sense as it was the biggest one. You can see the fear in her eyes as she stared at the dinosaurs a few pictures down.

All in all we had a great day and I am so glad we decided to check out our zoo!

IMG_2688 IMG_2707

IMG_2691 IMG_2709-1IMG_2693-1 IMG_2697 IMG_2677IMG_2710IMG_2703

IMG_2670 IMG_2672-1 IMG_2702IMG_2705

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