A Mother’s Promise


We have tried various brands of diapers since Emsley was born and have found Pampers to be the best in terms of fit, breathability, absorbency and smell. Knowing they are hypoallergenic and have extra channels for adequate absorption has put this mommy at ease when we go out and about. The yellow stripe wetness indicator, which turns to blue when wet makes it so easy to know when to change her diaper and has reduced diaper rashes! Today I have partnered up with @walmart and Pampers to challenge myself to create a ‘mother’s promise’ to my baby girl.


As my baby came to reach the 8 month mark, I begin to realize that this lovely gift of having the opportunity to stay home with her this past year has hit the 2/3 mark. Only 4 months are left of one to one, uninterrupted, heart warming, and incredible mommy and me time with her. As I start to mentally prepare for this change that will take place when I return to work in just a few short months I shift my focus on the promises that I can make to my baby girl to ensure we never lose this time together.

These past 8 months I have cherished this time together that I have been given daily and in some ways have taken for granted. I realize soon that once I return to work and life gets busy, these opportunities will be fewer and further between and could easily be pushed aside. Although there are many things I want to promise her over our lifetime together, my mother’s promise today as I reflect on the changes that are soon to occur is to ensure that I set aside ‘mommy and me’ time with her each week. I promise Emsley that as life continues to change and we are forced to adapt to new circumstances, she can always count on the fact that her and I will always have one day a week that is set aside for just her and I to spend time together. I promise to make sure that at the beginning of each new week we set a day and pick an activity together. I will make sure I mark it in my day timer each week as a way to keep that promise at the top of my mind. No work and no distractions, just simply mother and daughter bonding. Something I know I will look forward to and hope she does too as she grows.

If you’re a mom, I challenge you to think about what your promises are to your baby. Please feel free to share your #MothersPromise and we can inspire each other through our ideas!IMG_1303 FullSizeRender 49FullSizeRender 48

Emsley’s outfit: Peach Belle Bow, White Pettiskirt

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Pampers can be purchased at Walmart, walmart.ca and walmart.com


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