Top 5 Favourite Teethers


Now that Ems has cut not only her first tooth (about one month ago) but just this past weekend cut her second tooth, we are in full on teething mode! These are my top 5 favourite teethers that I have found so far for her. If anyone has any other favourites, please feel free to share them as I will have to grow this collection faster than the rest of her teeth, which are quickly popping up!

  1. Nuby Ring – This was a Winners Fab Find but I have linked it to Amazon for those intertesed in it. What appears to be Emsley’s favourite part about this one is the massaging bristles. The texture and softness of it are definitely a hit!
  2. Wooden Rainbow – My husband and I are huge fans of anything natural and wood based. Little Sapling Toys have done it right time and time again and this teether is no exception! Their wood teethers come in a variety of fun shapes as well as have the option to personalize it with engraving. They have also recently created a cute, make your own speech bubble teether! Not only do we love the natural aspect of this one but we also love that this one has two holes, making it easy for little hands to hold on to.
  3. Sophie – Who doesn’t love Sophie? Sophie has been around for a while now and still remains to be a big hit in North America and I can finally personally see why! Emsley loves to munch away happily on a giraffe leg and gets a kick out of the squeaky noise it makes when she squishes her.
  4. Honest Butterfly – We like the Honest teether because it has the option of freezing which Emsley enjoys! It is also dishwasher safe making it a super easy item to wash (who isn’t sick of hand washing and boiling?!) Anything I can throw into the dishwasher has my approval!
  5. Taggie Teether Blanket – Okay, shameless plug as this is my creation but I am so happy with it and how much Emsley loves it! If I can toot my own horn (and I will) the reason I love this one is the multi purposes it serves. It is a security blanket, taggie blanket and teether all in one! It also has a strap that clips onto the car seat/stroller making it my go to when I am out and about.



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