Tiny Inspirations Giveaway


The teething struggle is real my friends! When Ems was younger she wasn’t really like the other babies I’d see. She didn’t drool like a faucet and she sure wasn’t fussy for no apparent reason like I had heard all the other moms talk about. Our girl was definitely more relaxed in the teething department. She finally got her first tooth around 7.5 months and it seemed like it showed up out of nowhere. Even when the second one appeared at 8.5 months the process seemed fairly consistent. All of a sudden, poof there was a tooth! After those two came however, the teething struggle I had heard about became more obvious. She was drooling, fussy and hard to console at times. It was around then that I started to look for teething options and came across a local shop called “Tiny Inspirations”. Tiny Inspirations makes a whole range of safe and fun teething accessories for both moms and babes. From clips, to bracelets, to necklaces and teething rings; the options are endless!

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Top 5 Favourite Teethers


Now that Ems has cut not only her first tooth (about one month ago) but just this past weekend cut her second tooth, we are in full on teething mode! These are my top 5 favourite teethers that I have found so far for her. If anyone has any other favourites, please feel free to share them as I will have to grow this collection faster than the rest of her teeth, which are quickly popping up!

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