9 Months Old


Life has been hectic this past month as we prepared for a local craft market. It’s no excuse but unfortunately Emsley’s 9 month update got pushed aside in the chaos. So here it is, better late than never! Hopefully she will forgive her momma when she’s older.

9 months in and 9 months out, crazy how much faster the time passes once she came out and joined us in person! This past month brought us a second tooth on her bottom right side of her mouth so we now have two visible bottom teeth that peek out at us. Once again Ems was not fussy during teething but rather slept a bit more at night as well as during naps. Drool is increasing now, which leads me to wonder if the top teeth will be arriving soon.

In terms of solids we have been mixing rice cereal with pureed fruit for breakfast and she absolutely loves it. Her mass amount of solid intake during this meal has led this momma to cut out that breastfeeding session. We are now breastfeeding four times a day. Next to go is the supper feed but unfortunately Ems is becoming pickier with her supper foods. She loves fruit and will eat anything that has fruit mixed into it but seems to be less intertested with anything else. She used to love sweet potato and butternut squash for dinner but now will only eat a little of each. This week’s job for us will be experimenting with different foods and recipes to see if we can delight Miss Lace’s taste buds at dinner.

Sleep is the same, she goes down around 8:30 pm and wakes around 7-7:30 am for a feeding. She then goes back to sleep until around 9:30 am. She typically naps once a day around 12:00 pm-2:00 pm but sometimes takes a second, shorter nap around 4:00 pm again if she had her first nap earlier than usual.

Another significant difference this past month was Emsley’s increased awareness of the world around her. She no longer just puts toys in her mouth but rather inspects them, studies them and learns what they do. Her sense of hearing is incredible and she notices any new sound around her. The mimicking and conversing has increased and we have so much fun playing together. Moments like these get me even more excited for the future as she grows and develops!

For my birthday we ventured to the USA this past month and Ems stayed in a hotel for the first time. She did great sleeping in a new surrounding and seemed to be very comfortable in her Nuna bassinet again. She sensed we were in the room with her and did let out a few cries almost as though telling us she knew we were there before falling asleep. She did wonderful in the car ride and we timed our driving around her sleep and feeding schedules, which worked out perfectly. On the way home we did well for the first 6 hours but the last hour she became antsy and was verbalizing her distaste for still being in her car seat. During this trip we learnt that our girl is a stroller girl, as she loved being pushed around. Many naps were had in the Bugaboo as we wandered malls and did some shopping. She did really great playing in a highchair while we had our dinners and lunches and overall adapted really well to all the changes. She showed her extreme excitement when she experienced her first times riding in the front of a cart in the various stores and became so silly when we would finally come back to the hotel in the evening after a long day out. We would put her on the bed and she would roll around and play with her toys while making her pterodactyl noises. It was such a great experience travelling with her and we hope she does just as well on our next trip later this month.

Happy 9 months pumpkin! 
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