Baby Girl Fall Cat Favourites


Our family pet is a black cat named Spooky, who used to be my one and only child, or fur child as we lovingly referred to him. Once Ems came along Spooky unfortunately has not made much of a debut on my Instagram account anymore. He’s a fully black cat with bright yellow eyes, which actually makes it quite hard to get a nice photo of him as he tends to disappear into the darkness. He is still very present in our lives however and my love for cats and particularly black cats has transferred right into baby girl’s wardrobe!

Fall always means the cat clothing items are a plenty as black cats go hand in hand with Halloween. Since knowing we were having a girl I have kept my eyes peeled for cat clothing goodness and this fall has got me extra excited! Here are some of my current cat favourites for baby girl, and I know I included the cat sweater dress in my previous post but it’s just too darn cute to not include again!

1. Sweater Dress | 2. Mittens | 3. Sneakers | 4. Hooded Sweater | 5. Headband |    6. Leggings | 7. Sweatshirt | 8. Boots | 9. Hat

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