Zara Baby Girl Fall Favourites


Oh Zara, how I love you so! Both for myself and for baby girl! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Zara does the best job on adding those extra specials details to their clothing. Different coloured buttons, patterns on the lining of jackets or adding small embellishments. There’s always something special and unique about their pieces.

Perfect examples of this are #4 and the little writing on the knees, and #5 with the cutest little jewels around the collar. I’ve seen so many backpacks lately with back to school and couldn’t resist getting Ems one to carry some of her toys and books in when we travel or go to friends and family’s houses. They have a few cute ones for girls and even some for boys but this star one with the unnecessary but adorable pom pom detailing instantly drew me in.

Their prices are also quite reasonable but can range depending on the item. Some shirts are $7-10 dollars but other things like down filled coats go up to $80, so don’t be turned off if one item you look at is a bit more. Since we don’t have a location in Winnipeg, online shopping is the only way to go. Their shipping/return policy is amazing and literally can’t be beat. After I place my order it typically shows up on my doorstep in just a few short days. Returns are free, just drop off the box at a Canada Post location or arrange for a pick up at your house! SO easy!

Today’s picks match up with my attraction for light pinks, greys and whites but have a little extra “fall” colouring in the mix. The beiges, tans and maroon colours to me are a true representation of the upcoming fall season as they resemble the colours of the changing leaves.

1. Heart Sweatshirt | 2. Star Backpack | 3. Corduroy Jumper | 4. You & Me Leggings | 5. Sweater | 6. Floral Dress | 7. Ballet Flats | 8. Tulle Skirt

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