Master Bedroom Refresh

I can’t believe how long this master bedroom refresh ended up taking me! I was hoping to wrap up the project in February, but, here we are in May, and I just finished a couple of weeks ago. As much as I had three months in my head for a timeline for this project, I never like to feel rushed by deadlines to find home decor pieces. Instead, I like to take my time to find the perfect items for the perfect price! That way, I know I will continue to love the pieces down the road because I bought them for the joy they bring me, rather than to simply fill up a space!

My goal with this master bedroom refresh was to keep a lot of my original items, (especially the expensive ones!), to add lots and lots of texture/layers as well as to change out a couple of the older pieces to freshen it up! If you want to see our original bedroom set up you can click here.

The first thing I wanted to add to the bedroom was a feature wall behind our headboard. I had this in mind for many years, but have been busy decorating the kid’s bedrooms and thus, haven’t spent much time thinking about our space. At first I was considering doing trim work or shiplap, but then decided I wanted a bit more of a pattern. I have had my eye on this Lamu wallpaper in bone colour by Serena and Lily for YEARS and finally made the commitment to purchase it! Good thing I did it when I did, because a few weeks later it was off of their website. Sad news for anyone who loves it as much as I do, but perhaps they will bring it back again since it was listed on their site as ‘out of stock’. Otherwise, the Palmetto wallpaper in bone colour that we just put in our powder room by Serena and Lily is another great option for a bedroom! I also really love one of their new styles called Wentworth in fog colour. The texture of Serena and Lily wallpapers is amaaaaaazing; I’m truly in love!

The next piece I picked out for our bedroom, was a rug from Wayfair. Being three dimensional in design, it once again offers a lot of texture and depth. It’s thin, but because it’s on top of our carpet, it works out great. It grounds the space; offering both shades of grey and beige, which ties together the two neutrals we have everywhere else in the room.

Our previous nightstands were basic in design and quite large for the space. We swapped them out for these two which are also from Wayfair. I love that they have detailing on the tabletop as well as on the drawer fronts. The lines on the top drawer mimic a shiplap look and have a coastal feel to them, which I was drawn to. The dark black iron hardware ties into our drapery rod and barn door hardware. They are great quality and in a good price point which is always nice, especially since I am one who likes to change around my decor every couple of years!

The bed, the bench, the lamps, the drapes and ceiling light were all from our previous bedroom set up and were not changed. I was going to switch out the drapes, but last minute decided not to, as I figured I should save some money and use these longer since they match our bed so well. I finally hemmed them though, which was definitely needed.

I was going to continue to use my original bedding because I love the pintuck look and it was still in great condition. However, once I had the wallpaper up and the rug put down, I found the bedding was a bit busy for the bedroom. I swapped it out for a more simple, ruffled edge duvet and added a couple of euro shams with the same ruffled edging. I picked up new toss cushions and added the white tassels to the four corners of the toss cushions myself, for a bit more texture and look. The quilt was a steal on clearance and wasn’t exactly needed (as many of you voted on Instagram haha) but I love how it adds just another layer of texture to the bed. It’s so versatile and can be styled so many ways, which gives me options (depending on how much effort I want to put into making my bed that morning!). I included two ways that I can style it in these pictures – did you notice? 😉

The corner in front of our barn door which leads to our ensuite was empty before this refresh, so I added a rattan chair to it, which I found on Kijiji. It was originally brown, but we painted it white and purchased a new seat cushion for it. The pouf used to be in my daughter’s nursery, but since she doesn’t have room for it anymore, I brought it into our space. Although, she often rolls it back into her room without us knowing, to once again, claim it as her own!

The nightstands in our previous set up as I said before, were quite large. I had lots of decor items on them to fill up the space, but decided to remove most of the items and simplify what pieces I used. I originally had three large wedding pictures above our bed but didn’t want to put them back up there, as the frames would cover up a lot of the wallpaper which we just added. Instead, I put the same pictures from above our bed into three smaller frames  and placed them on our nightstands. I also had a more recent picture of my husband and I developed in black and white, which I hung above the rattan chair in one of the old frames from above our bed. I always like to refuse items, if possible. This includes the book, coral, the white container and marble dish on our nightstands, which we had in our bedroom before. The other two large frames from above our bed are now housing pictures of the kids, and have been hung up on our staircase wall.

The large wooden carved mirror was a Homesense find that I had bought in the fall. I moved it around the room from where it is now, to the side of my bed for a while. I thought about adding in a dresser, small table or bar cart where it currently is, but decided I liked the mirror better there and will not be moving it again. To fill up the space on the side of the bed, I picked up an already framed art print on clearance for $50, regular $150. I originally wanted something more coastal in design hung there, but the colour scheme of this piece, including the colour of the wood frame matched so perfectly with the space that I decide to give it a try. I ended up loving the cloud look and the calmness it provides, so I kept it! Plus, it’s the perfect size for the wall.

There was nothing wrong with our original master bedroom set up but I always felt like I had spent more time, effort and money on our kid’s bedrooms, and had never put the same energy into ours. Which is really how I feel most days in life, haha! Always giving to the kids in multiple ways but perhaps not always focusing on the needs of us, as parents. Care was my focus word for 2019 and self-care was what I wanted to achieve, so I really wanted to make this space feel more serene and cozy. Essentially, just take our bedroom up a notch from a more basic look. I feel like I achieved that just by putting up a feature wall and adding in a few new pieces into the room. I didn’t have to go overboard on the budget and was still able to use a lot of my original items. The neutral colour scheme fits in with the rest of our house and is the perfect backdrop for calmness and serenity; a place we really need after long days filled with colourful plastic toys, loud noises, food messes and overall chaos!

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