Big Girl Room

I’m finally sharing all the pictures and details from my daughter’s nursery turned ‘big girl room’! It actually turns out that I snapped these pics late last August with plans to post them last fall on the blog, but with the whirlwind of life (going back to work, celebrating my son’s first birthday, going away on vacation, etc. which you can read about here) I completely forgot about sharing them… whoops! I can’t believe how long ago that was. Here I am feeling the spring vibes and getting ready for summer again while realizing that these were taken last summer; it’s so hard to believe it’s been that long! Since it’s been about half of a year from when they were snapped, there’s been a few changes to her room. Firstly, I swapped out the kid sized pink chair in the pics for a larger kid one which will last longer as she grows. And secondly, we added in her white vanity which she got as a gift for Christmas; otherwise, it’s the exact same!

I transitioned Miss Lace to her big girl bed in summer 2017 right when she turned two, in preparation for baby brother’s arrival (as we needed the crib for him), that following October. I was busy with his nursery and soaking in the newborn stage while adjusting to life with two, so I never got around to finishing her room until last summer; hence the timeline for these pictures!

We first converted her crib into a toddler bed with a side rail and let her sleep in it for about one month. After that, we switched her to this current twin bed. She did great overall with both changes and was very excited to have a big girl bed! We never put up any side rails or any type of bumpers alongside her twin bed, because I honestly can’t stand the look of them. To be clear, IF she would have had lots of issues with falling out of the bed, I clearly would have put them up, strictly out of safety, but I figured I would try without them first. Instead, I stacked up all her throw pillows (she has a lot of them because I love throw pillows! haha) on the wall side of her bed. Then, on the other side of her bed, I put a small pillow against her nightstand to block her head from hitting her head on the corner of it. This worked for the most part, as she only fell out of the bed twice within the first six months, once off each side. Other than being a little scared, she was fine!

The most asked question I get about my daughter’s bedroom is where her bed is from. I purchased her bed off of Amazon but I’ve seen many places sell it. Amazon US was the cheapest I could find at the time so I had it shipped to a parcel service and we picked it up during our summer vacation to the USA. If you follow me on the like to know it app, I linked the two cheapest sites I could find for it on there.

Another question I get asked lots is where her wallpaper is from; it’s from Anthropologie. We installed it in her nursery in 2015 and I still LOVE it as much as I did when I first picked it out. It makes me so happy when the sun is streaming in on it during the spring and summer months!

We used to have a larger Hemnes dresser from Ikea in her room along with a gallery wall of pictures above it. I got rid of that dresser and downsized to a smaller one, just big enough to house her basic clothing needs. The large dresser was oversized for her space and functioned mainly as a change table during its time, so we really no longer needed it. This new one we got her is also from Ikea and is linked here. It’s a bit more expensive than some of the other ones available at Ikea, but the detail, quality and finish is definitely nicer. I switched out the knobs to personalize it. We also added in some drawers to her closet to give her additional storage for clothes. Her Ikea closet hack can be seen here.

Once we removed the large dresser, the gallery wall above it no longer made sense. We took it down as well as the shelves above her old nursery chair (the chair got put into baby brother’s room) because the shelves sticking out became a head hazard. We replaced both with three gold scalloped shelves. I filled them up by reusing some of the frames from the gallery wall and some of the decor items from her shelves. The new scalloped shelves were from Crate and Kids and also come in pink and white.

Her pink and gold mirror was a splurge item from Horchow that I couldn’t stop thinking about. I had seen it on social media and loved it but wasn’t sure I wanted to spend that much (especially with our current, awful exchange rate). I talked myself out of it and originally bought a gold mirror for a fraction of the price, but once we hung it up, I just didn’t love it. I sold it and ended up getting the one of my dreams and I don’t regret it one bit! I absolutely LOVE it! Again, the quality and finish is beautiful. I think it and her light fixture will be pieces that grow with her as she grows up and her room evolves and changes. I really see both as investment pieces! (My husband might disagree :P)

The white duvet cover I bought when she was about 9 months from Land of Nod in a queen size because I didn’t know what size of bed we would be getting for her in the future. It’s oversized but I loved it and couldn’t pass it up, hence why I bought it waaaaaaay before she needed it! Land of Nod no longer exists as they were bought out by Crate and Kids but they have had similar options. Inside I put a thinner duvet from Ikea so it wasn’t too heavy for her but also because it was a great price!

The kitty hamper was bought when she was only about a year old. It was another “I love it and can’t live without it” item, so when I saw it was on clearance at Pottery Barn Kids I sent family to get it for me, knowing one day I would use it in her big girl room. They no longer sell it but I linked a similar one in white on the like to know it app.

The star hooks were from Crate and Kids and are still available but in different colours. My daughter loves them as she likes to hang up her purses or clothing on them. They are cute and functional but also allow her purses to be shown off as part of the decor.

I didn’t have any room left to hang shelves to put books on so I bought the white wicker bin from Homesense and put it on the floor so she could access her favourite books more easily.

The unicorn on her wall was gifted and was supposed to be on a stick for her to “ride” on but unfortunately the stick broke in transit. I bought a plaque from Michaels, painted it white and hot glue gunned the unicorn onto the plaque so it could be used as decor! It was just too pretty to go to waste.

The nightstand, kid’s chairs, bow knobs, bow hanger, bunny clock, snow globe, rug and toss cushions were all Homesense finds. The cute mermaid tail is from Whimsy Tails on Instagram. The pouf is from Urban Barn.

I think that covers the majority of the items. Some of the stuff I didn’t mention was from her nursery and talked about on that post. If I forgot anything though, ask away! And follow me on the @liketoknowit app, screenshot my Instagram pics of her room and you can see all the links to her bed, mirror, wallpaper, light fixture, toys, purses and similar decor items on there! 🙂

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