Safety and Comfort On The Go

Our little big guy (as his sister calls him) has been growing like a weed since he came out of me. He was bigger at birth than sissy was and hasn’t slowed down since; they are currently only four pounds apart! Since Ever was a bigger baby, we very quickly made the switch from our infant car seat into a “big boy” car seat. If we didn’t already own an infant bucket seat from our daughter, it probably wouldn’t have made any sense to get one for our son as we barely used it. When I first bought our bucket seat I didn’t even realize that you could get car seats which are made to grow with your babe, all the way from infancy to childhood. The Safety 1st Grow & Go Air 3-in-1 Car Seat is just that. It combines the functionality of being used for all three stages of childhood, from five pounds to one hundred pounds, along with the comfort needed to keep your little one safe during every stage. Three comfortable grow-with-baby pillows are included with the car seat to ensure a snug fit during infancy and can easily be removed when your little one grows. Anything that ensures my baby is safe while saving me money along the way works for me!

In my marriage, we’re big on “division of labour” which means the world of vehicles, vehicle safety and therefore car seat preferences, all land on my husband’s plate. Fun fact: He also used to work in a car dealership for many years so his interest in vehicles means he happily takes on everything car related (including filling up the gas for me!). Some of the biggest challenges for him since we’ve had children have all been related to the “vehicle dilemma”. Based on conversations I’ve had with other mommas this seems to be an ongoing concern for most of the other halves in our lives. All I ever hear from my hubby since having Miss Lace is vehicle related questions: Is our vehicle big enough to house all the baby items we own?, Where are we going to put that? (to whatever item I’m trying to pack in – usually a purchase from Homesense ;)). And more recently since having baby brother: Does our car have enough room to fit multiple car seats while I’m driving?, Can I drive comfortably in the front seat of the car if one of the car seats is behind me? (he’s six feet tall). The Safety 1st Grow & Go Air 3-in-1 Car Seat solves exactly that problem. When rear-facing, it takes about seven inches less space behind a front seat than other car seats! This gives my hubby ample room to stretch out his long legs, allowing him to be much more comfortable while driving (as he does the majority of it and I am not very willing to take that on). The car seat also reclines in three different positions which contributes to helping with the fit of it in our vehicle.

With fall changing our routines quite a bit, baby brother is just now starting to snack on the go, mostly to keep him awake when I am taking his sissy out and about to where she needs to be. He used to nap one time in the morning but we’ve since stretched him to the afternoon so they can nap at the same time/we can get more things done in the mornings. Snacking on-the-go means a lot more car messes. Cheerios for days in various car seat nooks and crannies as well as stains all over his seat cushion. We are pretty tidy people and although general car cleaning lands on my hubby’s plate, my part in this division of labour relationship is that I am responsible for our family’s laundry! The snaps on the side of the Safety 1st Grow & Go Air 3-in-1 Car Seat make it super easy to remove and toss into the washer. The cushion is also dryer safe, which helps save a lot of time, getting the cushion back onto the car seat super-fast. I don’t know about you mommas but I don’t have time to wait for air drying these days! Another quick on-the-go option/mom hack with this car seat is you can flip around the grow-with-baby pillows to easily conceal a mess when you don’t have time to wash them! Brilliant!

If you want to check out all the different features of the Safety 1st Grow & Go Air 3-in-1 Car Seat you can click here. It comes in a few different neutral colours which obviously appeals to me (and the hubby) as we are not the biggest fans of bright colours!

  • Thank you, Safety 1st for sponsoring this post. All opinions, pictures and content are my own. 

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