Safety and Comfort On The Go

Our little big guy (as his sister calls him) has been growing like a weed since he came out of me. He was bigger at birth than sissy was and hasn’t slowed down since; they are currently only four pounds apart! Since Ever was a bigger baby, we very quickly made the switch from our infant car seat into a “big boy” car seat. If we didn’t already own an infant bucket seat from our daughter, it probably wouldn’t have made any sense to get one for our son as we barely used it. When I first bought our bucket seat I didn’t even realize that you could get car seats which are made to grow with your babe, all the way from infancy to childhood. The Safety 1st Grow & Go Air 3-in-1 Car Seat is just that. Continue reading

Dating Your Husband

05997CA7-53D4-41DA-9BB6-5B20FC7376FCBefore we had our daughter, my husband and I vowed that one day when we had kids we would be the couple who consistently prioritized and carved out time together alone. We valued and recognized the importance of spending time together by ourselves as a couple, one on one. In both our dating and married life we have always enjoyed finding new restaurants to dine at and travelling to new cities together. We knew we wanted this in our future, children or not and we vowed we would find a balance between it all. We saw some of our friends who had kids who we felt mastered this, taking time for themselves to go for romantic dinners, shipping their kids off to the grandparents to spend nights together alone and going on vacations solo. We would always comment to ourselves how nice that was and how it would be us! This mentality stuck in our heads during our entire pregnancy until July 28, 2015 happened and our little pumpkin entered the world.

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To My Husband: What I Never Knew I Always Wanted

I heard the song, “What I Never Knew I Always Wanted”, by Carrie Underwood this past week for the first time and it instantly brought me to tears. There isn’t often that I can completely relate to an entire song. Sure, there are times parts of a song’s lyrics will touch me or connect with me for whatever reason but in this case the whole song immediately resonated with me.

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