Valentine’s Day Baby Girl Favourites

Slide1I have always loved the clashing of red and pink together on Valentine’s Day. Two colours which I would normally never pair together delight my senses when February rolls around.

Although Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday I truly do love a good excuse to eat cinnamon hearts, hershey chocolate kisses and bake heart shaped cookies. I also enjoy venturing out and buying a few Valentine’s themed gifts; something covered in arrows, xo’s or hearts. Normally my hubby would be the recipient of these gifts but now I have baby girl to shower with my Valentine’s love!

Here are some of favourite red and pink picks for baby girl this year.

  1. Muslin Blanket 2. Bunny 3. Pettiskirt 4. Storage Bin 5. Heart Sweater 6.Pink Moccasins 7. Love Headband 8. Leg-Warmers 9. Heart Onesie

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