Baby Girl Summer Denim Favourites


I’ve always enjoyed shopping for summer clothes for myself and I guess it should be no surprise that I am having even more fun picking out items for baby girl to wear. Instead of just doing a post on my summer favourites, I’ve broken them up into a few different categories. Today I’ve rounded up some of my top denim and chambray picks for baby girl this summer. Continue reading

Baby Girl Fall Favourites


Fall is my absolute favourite time of year to shop for clothing. As the temperatures change and the leaves turn, I gravitate to the beauty of the indoors to purchase chunky knits, large scarves and layers upon layers which make my heart sing and my wallet empty! This year having a little a girl to shop for has given me a whole new reason to be excited about fall shopping, and has really cut down my own personal shopping (baby clothes are just so much more fun to buy, aren’t they?). Even better is that Emsley is finally starting to fit into 0-3 month clothing which is very exciting as it has opened up a whole new shopping world for this momma! Here are a few of my favourite fall items that I have purchased for her so far!

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