6 Months Old


Our little pumpkin is officially half a year old! She currently weighs 14 lbs. 2 oz., however don’t let those delicious leg rolls fool you; she’s still on the tinier side being in the 15th percentile for weight. She is no longer long like her father and instead seems to be following after her mother’s short stature being in the 15th percentile for length as well.

Sleep for Miss Lace remains the same, as she is still sleeping through the night. She falls asleep a little bit earlier than she used to, somewhere between 8:45-9:45 pm, depending on when we can get ourselves organized. She wakes around 7:30 am for a quick morning snack before going back down for another hour or two. Her naps are shorter, somewhere around 1.5 to 2 hours, twice a day but have gotten better in terms of falling asleep and staying asleep compared to our last update. If she doesn’t get her naps in she is definitely a fussy girl. Can’t wait to see what she is like as a teenager…

Food wise I am still solely breastfeeding and on average still every three hours during the daytime. We have yet to venture into solids but plan to start that this week. We do not have any teeth yet and are experiencing very minimal drooling, so it would seem that we really haven’t entered the true world of teething just yet.

She’s mastered the front to back roll but still hates being on her tummy and therefore hasn’t mastered the back to front roll. She’s definitely getting stronger and better at it and requires less assistance, however the motivation just isn’t there. She is fairly wobbly while sitting up on her own.

Her favourite activities are still her Jolly Jumper and her exersaucer; she loves to stand and bounce. She also really enjoys laying on the ground and listening to the music/watching the lights on her Jumperoo while playing with her feet. Her newest interest is reading books which we do daily before naptime. Dr. Seuss seems to be winning as her favourite author right now as she will cry and fuss when other books are being read to her. When she fusses I tend to sing her the ABC’s and she instantly will stop and pay attention to mommy. Giggles and laughs are still few and far between and we can’t wait to hear more of those!

Happy half birthday sweetheart!

IMG_7417-1 IMG_7418-1 IMG_7419-1 IMG_7421


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