2 Months Old

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Our little pumpkin was 2 months old yesterday! Some days it feels like just yesterday that we came home from the hospital whereas other days it feels like we have been doing this for a long time (mostly when we are experiencing the 3am fussiness after feedings!). Yes, that’s right; to all of you that absolutely hated us after reading our 1 month update we have now officially lost a few night’s sleep. But perhaps to your dismay it’s only been a FEW nights. Our babe is still an amazing sleeper overall and on average we are still stretching 6 hours between feedings each night. Typically we feed her around 11 pm and she doesn’t wake up until somewhere between 5-7 am, which makes mommy very happy. It also makes mommy even happier when she falls back asleep for at least another 4 hours! She feeds anywhere between 3 to 5 hours in the day but is still usually more consistent with the 3 hour mark.

Since week 7 she has become much more alert. These past few days she has only been taking naps in the afternoons for a few hours. In the evenings she tends to doze off for short periods; sometimes only 5 minutes other times 20 minutes. When she’s alert we see a lot of smiles, particularly during morning diaper changes as well as hear a lot of coos! The high-pitched sounds she’s starting to make are music to our ears! Eye contact continues to increase everyday and she is tracking us when we are in the room with her. She is able to recognize our voices and will often stop fussing when she hears us. The boppy continues to provide success with the fussiness and has been a savior in social situations and evening periods. There has been a bit more daytime fussiness in the past few weeks, which has thrown off my confidence in going out into the real world. However, last week her and I managed our first social lunch in a public place and were able to remain in the restaurant the entire meal, so I’d say that was an accomplishment! Her latest favorite past time is dancing (aka bouncing) and singing with mommy (which means no one else is in the home!) to Hillsong. If mommy attempts to put her down or stops “dancing” she immediately begins to fuss. Weird though that she doesn’t begin fussing when mommy stops singing…

Her neck is becoming a lot stronger and doesn’t require much support from us anymore. She tends to be able to control it from flopping backwards but still has some issues with it flopping forward from time to time. Tummy time continues to be semi enjoyable for her (she lasts a few minutes!) and she still really loves going for walks in her Bugaboo stroller. The Mamaroo has especially been a great success these past few weeks and has led to some long afternoon naps, allowing mommy some free time. The Solly wrap is also getting great use as it seems to be Emsley’s favorite, which means it is also mommy’s favourite! Once she’s in there she is instantly calm and tends to fall asleep very quickly, which has given mommy time to make herself a meal, eat and tidy up around the house (if she feels like it!).

Yesterday’s 2 month checkup revealed that she currently weighs 8 lbs, 10 oz putting her in the 3rd percentile for weight and is 22.5 inches placing her in the 10th percentile for length. Overall she is very tiny and is still wearing her newborn clothing. Some of her sleepers and onesies are just beginning to become too short for her but I don’t see her pants becoming that way anytime soon! Mommy has washed her 0-3 month clothing and is eagerly waiting for it to fit so she can expand her wardrobe!

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