The Truth About Breastfeeding: Part 2

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When I first arrived home from the hospital with Emsley I was struggling with the whole concept of breastfeeding as well as the incredible amounts of pain that was associated with it, (see The Truth About Breastfeeding part one if you haven’t already read it). Within a few days of being home, a large, hard mass formed in my right breast and I soon learnt that I had developed a plugged duct. My right breast felt as though it was engorged again; hard and uncomfortable as well as extremely painful. A day after I noticed the lump, I also started to experience some minor flu like symptoms. I felt achy, sore and just “off”. I also didn’t have as much energy as I normally did. Despite feeling unusually yucky, I chalked it all up to the fact that I had just given birth, not realizing at that time that it was connected to the plugged duct.

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2 Months Old

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Our little pumpkin was 2 months old yesterday! Some days it feels like just yesterday that we came home from the hospital whereas other days it feels like we have been doing this for a long time (mostly when we are experiencing the 3am fussiness after feedings!). Yes, that’s right; to all of you that absolutely hated us after reading our 1 month update we have now officially lost a few night’s sleep. But perhaps to your dismay it’s only been a FEW nights. Our babe is still an amazing sleeper overall and on average we are still stretching 6 hours between feedings each night. Typically we feed her around 11 pm and she doesn’t wake up until somewhere between 5-7 am, which makes mommy very happy. It also makes mommy even happier when she falls back asleep for at least another 4 hours! She feeds anywhere between 3 to 5 hours in the day but is still usually more consistent with the 3 hour mark.

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A Father’s Perspective


I think it took a full week after the arrival of Emsley for me to begin to comprehend the impact she already had on my life. The whole pregnancy phase was a weird feeling for me as an expectant father. I knew I wanted a baby and was excited to have one but it really never felt real. I would feel her kicking Arlynn from the inside and I watched as the little baby bump grew, but it never actually seemed like we were going to have a baby. It was almost like I was in denial but not because I didn’t want her, just because I couldn’t understand it yet. I think it’s because of that denial that I really didn’t take Arlynn seriously when she started texting that she thought she was having contractions. We were two weeks away from our due date and although we were pretty much ready for her, I still felt like there was things I wanted to get done before her grand entrance. I continued about my day, practicing drums, as she texted that the contractions were getting faster and only stopped when she basically demanded that I shower up and come meet her at the hospital. As I grabbed our hospital bags, I remember thinking to my self that there was no way the next time I stepped into our house it would be with a baby in hand.

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