1 Month Old

FullSizeRender-3Our little pumpkin is officially one month old! Wow, how this month has flown by. It’s weird to think that she could have arrived only a few days ago had she been 2 weeks overdue. In my head I never thought she would come early so it’s still somewhat strange for me to think of her age when I look at the calendar!

Not much to report in terms of development at this stage. She is still sleeping the days away but is more alert for longer periods. She occasionally had fussy periods in the later evenings but that has subsided since we introduced the soother or “boppy” as I call it, just this past week. We had originally used it immediately after leaving the hospital but was told by our public health nurse to wait until she is four weeks as it can cause nipple confusion so we decided to stop. Now that we just started using it again, boy have we seen the benefits! We still aren’t using it at night and don’t think that will be necessary as our babe is a great sleeper. I am told not to share this information with many other parents as it is apparently very rare…but our girl has slept from the get go. We were getting between 5-8 hour stretches by week 2 but more recently are back to 3-5 hour stretches between feedings. We honestly haven’t lost a night’s sleep and are very grateful for this! We know we shouldn’t take it for granted!

Things she dislikes lately are her hiccups which used to happen up to 8 times a day in the womb. She didn’t seem to mind them at first but now she becomes fussy when they occur; especially when they wake her up after a feeding! She also isn’t a huge fan of being put into her car seat or taken out of it to be transferred into the stroller, so we have been using our car seat adapter a lot more than we thought we would!

When she is alert (which is still rare!), she seems to enjoy tummy time, daily walks in her Bugaboo stroller, hanging out in her Mamaroo and going for daddy’s airplane rides as well as listening to his singing! Mommy can’t carry a tune for the life of her so she leaves the singing to daddy! She especially likes it when he hums to her while she is laying on his chest or when he rocks her while singing ‘With Arms Wide Open’ by Creed. The airplane rides seem to be the most fun for her (and for mommy to watch!) as they consist of daddy moving her up and down in the air while making buzzing noises. It doesn’t seem to matter what she’s fussing over or even if she’s hungry, once the airplane ride begins she instantly stops crying and is content!



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