Baby Girl Threads Boutique Winter Favourites


Although this November weather has been absolutely amazing the reality is winter is just around the corner, whether we like it or not! So, even though the snow hasn’t hit the ground here quite yet, I figured it was time to start gathering my winter favourites for not only baby girl but also for toddler girl. Because the reality also is my little girl is no longer a baby! You might notice that the blush pinks, greys and whites have carried over from my fall picks and made there way into my winter ones. They are still my faves and aren’t colours that I plan on giving up on anytime soon! Today’s winter favourite picks post is from an adorable online boutique called Threads Boutique based out of Vancouver, Canada.

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DONUT think you can’t make this on your own!

fullsizerender-28This Halloween I was really struggling with what I wanted Ems to be. I had a few ideas in mind but had expected her to be walking, so I didn’t feel the ones I had in mind were appropriate for where she was developmentally. I wanted to make sure that she was able to sit comfortably if that was how she chose to  spend the majority of her evening. It turns out that she started to walk confidently right before Halloween but I didnt know for sure at the time how well she would be able to walk, especially wearing a costume! Since we already owned the “little donut” shoes from Joe Fresh and had the donut rattle laying around from when she was a bit younger, a donut costume seemed like an easy costume to start to create.

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Bow Week | Shop #4 | Petite Prairie

img_6250Lastly, to round up Bow Week I am featuring a company that’s from right here in Winnipeg, Petite Prairie Kids. Katelyn is the face behind the company and has a little girl of her own so she definitely has experience in the bow department! What’s unique about Petite Prairie is that they not only make bows for your little girls but they also make bowties for your little boys! They also specialize in these gender neutral cute wild prairie child onesies, pom pom toques (perfect for fall!) and lace kimonos for both babes and mommas! Who doesn’t love to twin?! I know I’m guilty of it almost everyday.. ! 😉

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Bow Week | Shop #2 | VONBON

IMG_8608The second shop I’m featuring for Bow Week is called VONBON. Not only do they make super comfy headband bows but they also make a huge range of cute kids clothing! Shop owner Jennifer just released her fall collection and I am seriously crushing on this new floral print. They also make some really adorable baby blankets. I purchased one in an older style before Ems was born and it’s the perfect weight for everyday use.

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Bow Week | Shop #1 | Elle Bowtique

img_6206One of the most asked questions I get on social media is where I get Emsley’s bows from. You might notice that I very rarely post a picture of her on Instagram without a bow on her head because honestly, she is always wearing one! She has recently learnt how to put them on herself so that has also been working in my bow-wearing favour! Since we found out that our little pumpkin was going to be a girl at 20 weeks pregnant, I made it my mission to find the best bows I could for her. We have collected our fair share of bows since then and after getting the chance to try them all out over this past year I feel like I can finally share my favourites!

Each day this week I will be sharing one of my favourite small shops who make bows, because I have never actually purchased a bow from a large company store. Etsy and Instagram have been my world to find the best made bows for Emsley!

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Tiny Inspirations Giveaway


The teething struggle is real my friends! When Ems was younger she wasn’t really like the other babies I’d see. She didn’t drool like a faucet and she sure wasn’t fussy for no apparent reason like I had heard all the other moms talk about. Our girl was definitely more relaxed in the teething department. She finally got her first tooth around 7.5 months and it seemed like it showed up out of nowhere. Even when the second one appeared at 8.5 months the process seemed fairly consistent. All of a sudden, poof there was a tooth! After those two came however, the teething struggle I had heard about became more obvious. She was drooling, fussy and hard to console at times. It was around then that I started to look for teething options and came across a local shop called “Tiny Inspirations”. Tiny Inspirations makes a whole range of safe and fun teething accessories for both moms and babes. From clips, to bracelets, to necklaces and teething rings; the options are endless!

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Baby Girl Fall Cat Favourites


Our family pet is a black cat named Spooky, who used to be my one and only child, or fur child as we lovingly referred to him. Once Ems came along Spooky unfortunately has not made much of a debut on my Instagram account anymore. He’s a fully black cat with bright yellow eyes, which actually makes it quite hard to get a nice photo of him as he tends to disappear into the darkness. He is still very present in our lives however and my love for cats and particularly black cats has transferred right into baby girl’s wardrobe!

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