10 Month Update

Baby brother turned ten months old on August 21. It was a busy season for us as we prepared for fall and the changes that come with summer ending and a new season beginning.

The biggest change during month 9-10 was Ever taking his first few steps! He mastered two steps for a few weeks and then quickly increased to four by the end of the month! His sister didn’t take her first steps until 13 months old so him being only 9.5 months when he started to walk seemed quite early to me!

Feeding wise, Ever was still breastfeeding both in the morning and before bed. We continued to give him baby cereal mixed with puree and breast milk in the mornings and completely cut out purees at both lunch and dinner. Since he no longer seem unsatisfied with our meals during those times and was open to trying more foods it just made sense to get rid of them. In terms of favourites, he really does enjoy his baby cereal the most and seems to dislike carrots in any form (just like his sister did). He tends to get bored of an item of food fairly quickly and will often refuse to eat it after a decent portion. However, if I offer him something new from my plate he eagerly begins to eat again. I am the type of person who could eat a bunch of appetizers at every meal so I feel like I can relate to this. 🙂

No new teeth popped up during this month and his drooling was minimal. He also seemed to stop spitting up so much which was such a treat! Baby spit up on multiple outfits per day and particularly all over our floor as he crawled around was not the best situation.

Nap wise, he continued to fight his second nap so I eventually gave up on it. He is a super content baby and 99% of the time does great when he doesn’t get enough daytime sleep so I figured watching him cry and fuss wasn’t worth it anymore. His one nap continued to be in the mornings from around 11 am to about 1-1:30 pm.

His favourite activities during month 9-10 was watching his sister play the “touch the light game” which is when she pretends to grab our master bedroom ceiling light fixture and we stop her by knocking her down onto our bed. He also still thoroughly enjoys watching her sing loudly and dance around his room when he is supposed to be nursing!

Happy 10 Months baby brother!

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