3rd Birthday Letter

To our sweet girl,
Watching you grow this past year has been incredible. Two was such a wonderful age as I watched you become more independent, yet still cautious as you explored the world around you. Your personality and conversational skills took off more than I would have ever anticipated! One of daddy and my favourite parts about you is the way your eyes light up, your hands go up into the air, and you hum and hah (becoming speechless for a quick second, which is VERY rare) as you prepare to share your ideas with us. The way you click your tongue when you’re talking matter of factly with great plans is adorable and makes us giggle each time you do it. Your creativity with toys and make believe play has grown leaps and bounds and there is nothing better than secretly catching you act out the sweetest scenes with your stuffies or dolls. House bunny, as you lovingly call him (or her, as we still do not know the gender because you always change your mind) is still number one in your eyes and goes anywhere and everywhere with you. You are so proud to push him in the stroller, show him the world or introduce him to your friends. Your kind, gentle spirit towards others and genuine concern for the safety of people makes our heart melt. You are the first to notice someone leave or enter the room and you are always inquiring what people are doing. You are eager to help whenever it is needed and have grown deeply into the role of big sister over this past year. You love your brother more than we could ever have hoped for and watching you and him play each day as he grows next to you is the best gift we can receive as parents. You watch over him, keep him safe, give him toys and as of late, your snacks, whenever possible. If you aren’t sure if something is safe for him you always ask us first and it makes us so proud to watch you become a little “mommy” to him. When you woke up on your birthday this year and deferred opening your presents to instead burst into his room to wish him a good morning, both daddy and I were shocked but delighted. This to us is a perfect example of who you are as a person, as well as your love for him. You are always smothering him by grabbing him and pulling him down on top of you to give him a huge hug or to cover his face in kisses. The way you refer to him as “my little guy” is adorable and melts our heart. You include him in everything you do and will always happily sing/dance for him to make him smile and laugh (even when he’s supposed to be going to sleep). Your interest in music and dancing is something that truly stands out to your daddy and me as we watch you be the first to dance to whatever music is playing, in any setting. You always seem to gravitate to musical instruments and have told us you want to be a songwriter when you grow up, which makes daddy’s heart in particular, beam with joy.

We are so excited to continue to watch you grow into the little girl you’re becoming over this next year. Two will be a hard year to top, but the way it’s been going I can only anticipate that three will be even more wonderful.

Happy 3rd Birthday peanut!

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