2 Month Update

It feels like I just wrote Everton’s one month update, and in some ways I did because I was a little late last month on posting it. I figured if I didn’t get this one done pretty much on time I wouldn’t get it done at all since Christmas is almost upon us and life will be hectic with all the festivities!

Everton’s 2 month appointment with his pediatrician isn’t until after Christmas so I won’t know his weight and length until then. But, by the looks of things, he’s packing on the pounds just fine. 😉 He’s fitting 0-3 month clothing but it’s starting to get tight, especially in length and I sense he will be in 3-6 months before he hits the 3 month mark. This is drastically different than his sister who was sill wearing newborn size clothing at 2 months old!

I am still solely breastfeeding and still feed anywhere between 3-4.5 hours in the day, but usually more towards the 3 hour mark. I just started to get bottles ready in hopes I can be more involved in the Christmas activities by bottle feeding Everton my breast milk, instead of hiding in a corner nursing.

At the beginning of this month, Everton had been spending many hours alert, sometimes up to 7-8 hours at a time, which didn’t seem logical to me, considering his age! He was mostly content during these periods so I didn’t complain, but towards the end of this month he has been spending a lot more time sleeping. He tends to wake in the morning for about 2 hours and once again in the later evening for about 2-3 hours. His sleep in the night is still AMAZING and is actually better than his sister was at this point. It doesn’t even make sense to me how it can be better, but I am so grateful! At the beginning of this month we were getting 7 hours on average per night between feeds with some nights being 6 and others closer to 8, however, this last week we have experienced a few nights of 8.5-9 hours between feeds in a row!! He has his night time feed typically around 9:30 pm and then he falls asleep usually around 11:00 pm after we burp him many, many times and he spits up a bunch. This  is the same as it was during month one and we think he is still experiencing some reflux but it is definitely getting better. We have had a handful of nights this past month where he has been able to settle instantly on his own once placed in the Nuna so I consider that progress!

Fussy times seem to be mostly in the evening still when he drifts in and out of sleep but they are so mild compared to what we experienced with Miss Lace that I don’t even consider them to be a true “fussy time”. He has showed much less interest in the soother this past month and I have used it far less. I thought he was going to be a sucker but now I am not sure! Swaddling and rocking or placing him upright on our shoulder, seems to settle him easily.

The coos and smiles are still happening and he is now tracking toys happily. This has been a delight to his big sister who is enjoying holding up toys and shaking rattles or bells for him!

We are super excited to spend our first Christmas together as a family of four and even though Everton can’t participate much, I know big sis will be excited to show him all of her toys!

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