1 Month Update

My first monthly update and I am embarrassed to say I am already late to write and post it! I really hope this is not setting the tone for the rest of the updates I plan to do. Last week I was on week 2 of being sick with a head cold when I also experienced mastitis. I had mastitis before when my daughter was 6 weeks old. This time around I was more aware of what it feels like and when I got a plugged duct almost right away with our son, so I quickly nipped it (pun intended). I think I missed this one because I wrote off the aches and chills to my cold instead of thinking it was anything else. Anyways, the point is I was feeling AWFUL last week and although I had snapped his pictures, sitting and typing this up never got done. So here it is now, better late than never!

This first month to no surprise has been consisting mostly of naps with about 4 hours of alertness on average. Fussy periods tend to be random in the day with some consistency around supper time into the early evening. Our son is a lot easier to calm however than our daughter was. He really took to a soother unlike Ems so during fussy periods, using it has been a life saver! He also likes to be swaddled unlike his sister so I often swaddle him, give him a soother and rock him for about 5 mins to get him to calm.

In terms of feeding, we are exclusively breastfeeding at this point and have had some issues in that area. I believe my let down is stronger this time around which has made for a gassier baby. Baby brother often chokes on my milk, swallows air and then needs frequent breaks to burp. It’s getting better overall as he grows and learns, combined with me implementing some strategies, but the beginning was rough. Also, when we place him on his back after a feed he frequently becomes upset due to gas build up. We have to pick him up to burp him and he will still sometimes have large burps hours after a feed. When placed slightly upright he is much more content. The Mamaroo has been wonderful for this and has helped a lot since I can’t hold him nearly as much during the day as I would have been able to hold Ems.

Sleep overall has been good. He tends to settle typically after a feed anywhere between 10 and 11 pm for the night. Sadly, most days he doesn’t stay asleep after his bedtime feed due to gas but once we burp most of it out of him he falls asleep. He then does on average a 5-6 hour stretch before we feed again around 3 to 4 am. We have also had 7 to 8 hour stretches mixed in and are very grateful when they occur! After the middle of the night feed he usually settles more quickly and eats again in about 3-4 hours. Sometimes he’s alert at the next feed around 7 am when his sister is up and other times he wants to go back to bed.

A huge difference compared to his sister has been his neck strength and control right from birth. He now has full ability to hold his head up for very long periods of time and no longer flops. This makes it much harder to burp him as he flails around but overall is good for him!

Last week we also heard his coos for the first time! With Ems, we hadn’t heard them until month two but they came a bit earlier with him which was wonderful and exciting to hear!

Not sure if this momma is just more confident in her role this time around or if we really do have a more content babe but bath time and diaper changes result in much happier times than I recall this early with big sis. The only thing I have noticed that he doesn’t like is getting into his car seat which I also remember his sis hating. The difference though is this guy wails so hard that he turns a reddish-purple colour after we tighten the strap that I have to blow on his face to get him to breathe. I also think it’s worse for him because he has to suffer in his car seat a bit longer before we leave because we have his sister to also get ready. Oh well, life of a second child! 😉

Overall this little guy has made life easy transitioning to 2. We’ve only had 2 fairly sleepless nights with minimal fussiness in the day so we really can’t complain! Let’s hope he stays on this path and follows his sister’s footsteps in terms of being an awesome sleeper by 7 weeks!

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