Maternity Photos

I wasn’t completely sure that I wanted to take maternity photos this time around. No real reason why, other than I just hadn’t given it much thought. With Ems, I had the time to focus on these things in great detail but with baby boy, the days are flying by and I catch myself forgetting some of these little details. I am carrying baby boy very differently than I carried Ems and so capturing that alone I figured could be a nice keepsake down the road. I also personally felt as the second child in my family that the first child got a tad bit more focus than the second… not pointing any fingers at anybody specifically but I’m pretty sure it took about 4 years of nagging, starting at the age of 12 to convince someone close in my life to FINALLY finish my baby book… so I really didn’t want to do that for him. That being said, I still wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do photo wise until I went to book our newborn session with a local photographer Austin Kyle Photography. In speaking with her, I decided I would completely regret it if I didn’t do both a maternity and newborn session and quickly made the leap! And boy, (pun intended) am I so glad that I did!

Austin was absolutely AMAZING! Anyone living in the Winnipeg area needs to check this girl out. Her pictures are natural, light and airy and completely my style. She works fast and was great with Miss Lace, capturing every possible moment while we were out and about. We ended up doing them a little earlier in my pregnancy (at 32 weeks ) than I had originally planned but the end result was worth it. I love that we were able to take them outside on one of the last warm days of summer. It made for a more comfortable and happier experience for all of us but definitely for Miss Lace!

I linked my dress on Instagram under the LikeToKnowItApp app for all the Americans out there but for the interested Canadians here is the link for it. Miss Lace’s sandals are Salt Water Designs and her flower crown was made by the talented Jordan at The Flower House Winnipeg. The white flowers were the perfect feminine and floral touch for our family maternity photos!

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