11 Months Old

FullSizeRender-84I am surprised that I am even allowing myself to write this update on her actual 11 month birthday. My usual course of practice would be to avoid it completely in hopes that if I do so she won’t actually turn 11 months and I can therefore hold onto this time a little bit longer… But here I am trying to get my thoughts together while I hold back the tears. I seriously can’t believe she’s going to be one in a month! This past month flew by. I’m having a hard time even recalling what has really occurred as it all feels like a blur.

Our greatest joy this past month has been being able to teach Miss Lace some new tricks. She’s still waving and clapping up a storm but has now added drumming and hiding to her repertoire. Mommy worked very hard at teaching her to drum after being asked what daddy does as a Father’s Day gift for the hubby. She likes to hide behind her hands when we ask where she is and high fives us when prompted. She’s catching onto things more quickly and it’s neat to see her learn so fast! She’s pointing up a storm at anything and everything that she wants her hands on or wants to share with us. She’s showed greater interest in her fur brother since being away last month and gets very excited at pointing him and out and finding him in the room.

We saw a little bit of crawling this past week. A few times she has made it a couple feet but once again stops, drops, and rolls out of the position. She has mastered rolling around the room to get to where she wants to go. She FINALLY figured out that she can get into the sitting position from being on her belly which has led to her being able to pull herself up in the crib. What a shock it was to see her standing in the crib on the monitor. She has definitely gained strength over this past month and instead of solely pulling herself up, she is also pushing up from things. Her balance has increased as she cruises around furniture and people. She’s showing more bravery and tries new things but instantly whines if it doesn’t go her way. We will have to work on persevering, as she gets older. She still prefers to walk and is quite quick at motoring around if we are holding her hands.

We still only have two teeth on the bottom and she is quickly showing less interest in anything pureed. She will eat a little bit of pureed foods but the minute she sees our food she stops eating it and vocalizes her interest in ours. This is perfectly okay by me as it makes lunch and dinner a lot easier when we have to make only one meal for everyone. She loves meat and really hasn’t showed dislike for anything other than carrots. I cut out one more breastfeeding session in the late afternoon so we are down to only morning and bedtime now.

Her sleep schedule is a bit more on track now. She was going to bed way too late when we came back from Vancouver but has now adjusted back to her usual routine. She goes to bed between somewhere between 8-9:30 depending where we are and if she’s fussy or not and then wakes 11-12 hours from the time she fell asleep. Her lunchtime naps are still anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on the day but typically about 2. We are so grateful for our little sleeper.

Only one more monthly update to go!

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