Five Months Old

Our baby girl turned five moths old yesterday! This last month has been a whirlwind as we experienced our first Christmas as a family of three. Although Emsley doesn’t have any idea what is going on, she has brought us so much joy! There is nothing better than seeing her eyes light up at colourful toys as well as watching her attempt to open her gifts by ripping at the wrapping paper.

At just over four months Emsley decided she would like to roll from her stomach to her back. She clearly had no idea what she had done but she has rolled many more times since. She’s almost achieved the back to front roll, as her upper strength is strong but she still needs assistance with getting her leg over. She has also mastered holding items and is now reaching for things that are sparkly such as diamonds or jewelry, which means her dad now has two girls with expensive taste to take care of! She still enjoys munching on her hands but has also has a more selected taste for her right thumb.

Sleep at night still remains awesome and on average she is sleeping 10 hours straight; typically going down just before 10 pm and waking around 8 am. She then eats and will go back down for an extra hour. Just before she got her cold and right at the four-month mark Emsley’s afternoon naps seemed to fly out the window. Not sure if this is what our experience of the four month sleep regression will be but she no longer sleeps consistently during the day. She still gets fussy around 11:30 am because she is obviously tired but she tries her best to fight the sleep and stay awake. Eventually she will fall asleep but she will have a power nap and wake up in about twenty minutes which gives her enough of a boost to keep going for an hour or two before becoming tired again. Other days she will sleep for two to three hours straight like she used to. Depending on how the daytime nap goes an evening nap for a few hours can sometimes occur. Christmas brought on a bunch of random days and events, which also caused our routine to become a bit derailed so we will work on a better napping schedule as our New Year’s resolution in 2016. To be clear, I am not complaining, as I am still very happy and impressed with her nighttime sleep that I would take this chaotic day sleeping any day!

Five months has finally brought out true, genuine laughter, not just giggles and mom could’t be happier about this! Oddly enough, the first laugh emerged while mommy was singing her the French alphabet. Her favourite place to hang out is still on her change table where she will chat and squeal while we engage her or blow on her belly.

Tub time is still a big hit around here and she will now sit and play with her toys or suck on her wash cloth until the water gets cold!

Her favourite toys right now are her exersaucer and Jolly Jumper. She is now able to reach the toys in the exersaucer and can spend some time playing with them and bouncing to the music. The Jolly Jumper seems to be the most favourite pastime as she will spend about forty-five minutes at a time jumping away!

It’s becoming harder to get a clear picture of her when she’s smiling these days as she happily kicks and flails away!

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