Three Months Old

FullSizeRender-39Our little pumpkin (how fitting for last month!) turned three months old on October 28. The changes over this past month have been incredible. Not only for myself, but also for Miss Lace.

She is so much more fun to engage and ineract with. We can officially “play” with her now and her favourite pastime is watching mommy or daddy shake a rattle for her. She has made some grabs for the rattles and has a favourite circular one that she likes to try to put in her mouth, however the shape of it doesn’t allow for much mouth action.

The latest personal discovery for Emsley has been her hands and she enjoys sucking on not just one finger but rather her whole fist. She was teething about two weeks ago, but has since stopped. During this teething bout she enjoyed biting on her boppy if mommy or daddy held it for her but other than that she doesn’t seem to have much interest in it anymore; I guess her hands taste better! She is no longer fussy in the evenings and instead seems to be most alert during those times. She’s quite content to take in the world around her and enjoys going out shopping with mommy and grandma C.

Her sleep is still awesome (I’m sure some of you still hate to hear that!) and we haven’t been woken in the night for many weeks. She tends to go to bed later around 11:30pm and sleeps until anywhere between 7:30-9am. She used to go back down for 3-4 hours but more recently we have decreased this morning nap to only an hour if she’s tired after nursing or nothing if she’s alert and ready to go! If she’s awake we do some play time while mommy gets a coffee before we feed again and then she goes down for a three hour nap somewhere around 12:30pm. Sometimes that’s enough for her and other times she will doze for about half an hour around supper time. This afternoon nap routine has been going on for three weeks now and mommy is very grateful to get some solid time to do crafts and chores around the house! Emsley has been consistently napping in her Mamaroo which has been AMAZING this past month! Mommy tends to rock her asleep and then transfers her into the Mamaroo while it’s moving which allows for a smooth transition. If she’s placed onto a flat surface or into her crib she will instantly wake up.

Car rides are still enjoyable, but like most babies she hates it when the car stops and will instantly let you know it (usually in the Starbucks drive thru)! Tummy time is still not a favourite pastime but she will tolerate it for a few minutes before letting me know that she’s done. She hasn’t lifted her head up yet while doing tummy time but neck control is in full swing otherwise! Neck control has allowed for more pictures (I am sure she loves that!) and way easier transitions around the house. Definitely a plus! 

She’s talking and cooing like crazy and loves to talk to us while she is on her change table. The pants come off for a diaper change and she kicks away while cooing and looking at her Sweet Saltwater Designs name cutout on the wall. She also seems to be enjoying bath time even more now and will smile at us while we are bathing her. Bath time is still mommy’s favourite!

This month has been so exciting in terms of development and we look forward to her increasing her neck strength but mostly for laughter which hopefully comes sooner than later!

FullSizeRender-41 FullSizeRender-43 FullSizeRender-45

Headband: AvaBowtiquee via Etsy, Shirt: Zara Mini, Leggings: Carters, Moccasins: Minimoc

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