Trick or Treat


I’ve always enjoyed putting together my own Halloween costume, even though there are tons of awesome options out there to purchase. The excitement for me is pulling together items from stores that I can customize or finding the perfect article of clothing that screams an idea at me from the local thrift store. For Emsley’s first Halloween I knew I needed to channel my creativity into her costume as these days I no longer have anywhere to wear one! Being that Emsley is only three months old I knew I needed a costume that would look cute on her from a top down view as she spends the majority of her days lying on her back. I randomly saw a picture of a “Cotton Candy” costume from Pottery Barn Kids and knew I could easily make a version of it.

Here’s what was needed:

  • White onesie (already owned)
  • White leggings (already owned)
  • Pink Tulle – 3 meters
  • Elastic Headband
  • White styrofoam cone (From Michaels Canada)

I bought three meters of pink tulle from Fabricland; using only 2.5 meters of it to wrap around the onesie. I hand sewed the tulle randomly onto the onesie ensuring I placed each new layer of tulle over the previous one to create a full look. Granted, this full look only lasted when Emsley laid still as each wiggle and move resulted in some of the white onesie showing through! I also made sure to stretch the onesie before sewing on the tulle as I knew I would need some flex in the material in order to get it onto her body. I then used a larger sized headband I had and glued it onto the base of the styrofoam cone. Using the remaining tulle, I wrapped a small amount of it into a circular shape. I then glued it onto the base of the styrofoam cone, overtop of the previously glued headband.

The whole costume cost me about $20 dollars CDN. Sadly, these days you can buy a beautiful plush Carter’s costume for only $15 dollars at Costco but it just doesn’t get me into the Halloween spirit the same way. It might have cost me a few dollars more but it was totally worth the fun of creating it especially for my girl. This is just the first of many Halloween costumes to come and I am so excited for the days when she will actually know what she is wearing! Until then, she looked pretty delicious in her pink fluff!




IMG_0305 FullSizeRender-34FullSizeRender-33

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