I’m 3 MEOW!

In late July we celebrated Miss Lace’s third birthday with our close families! I started bugging her a couple months earlier as to what she wanted her theme to be so I could watch out for decor items that matched. That way I didn’t have to panic and rush a couple weeks before the big day. She originally picked a cat theme and I was purrfectly okay with that! I made sure to ask her on a few separate occasions what she wanted since two year old minds can often change. She didn’t surprise me at all when she jumped on the Disney train: picking Moana, Cars and Little Mermaid themes for a short time, only to end up back at kitties!

I didn’t go overboard on decor this year and instead focused on mostly doing a dessert table. Miss Lace’s favourite colours are still purple and turquoise and she’s recently been getting into hot pink so the theme colours were easily decided upon. I made the yarn ball number three by wrapping yarn around styrofoam balls. I then glued them into the shape of a three on a white painted piece of wood.

The cake and cupcakes were made for our party locally by Cassidy & Johannas Cake Boutique. The cake was a banana flavour with caramel sauce and was so amazing!! I highly recommend checking them out if you are looking for any desserts! You can find them on Instagram: @cassidyandjohannascakes. The cheesecake chocolate covered “yarn balls” were made by me as well as the kitty cat cookies. My daughter actually doesn’t love cake and really loves my sugar cookies. All she requested for her party was a cake to blow out candles on and cookies to eat! The cat cookie cutter I bought online from Walmart.

The cat faces on the balloons I made and taped on. I had originally wanted to tie feather boas as tails to them but they made the balloons too heavy and unfortunately wouldn’t float so that idea got scrapped. The milk glasses, cat plates, tall sparkle candles and “so much fun” napkins were from Marshalls/Winners. The cat print and cat dish were both from Indigo. The gold cat face stickers I bought off Etsy from Elena Life Designs.

Last year I put gold bunny stickers on our front entrance wall and it’s becoming a tradition to keep doing it! We use the stickers as a backdrop for our families to take pictures with the birthday girl; it’s so neat to see the changes year to year!

The front door sign was created by my talented sister in law! She made our daughter’s sign last year as well and we love to always do something on the front step to greet our guests!

The dress was a Marshalls fab find and her little sparkly cat ears (which she refused to wear for most of the event) were from HM.

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