Baby Wiebe #2 is a…

BOY!!! I’ll admit I totally thought this was going to be the case. Ever since Hawaii I have definitely been feeling more “blue” on my mind. I even purchased a few items including nursery decor these past couple weeks in shades of neutral (blue just isn’t really my colour), expecting this little one to have a penis! So as much as I am not surprised by the news, I’ll admit I am still in shock! I think a lot of me was in denial, thinking it would be another girl. I feel like I have the girl thing figured out and am feeling confident in that area so I’ll admit that the thought of a little baby boy does terrify me just a bit! I feel like I won’t know what to do with him but I am sure the minute he is here that will all change! I’m just super excited to see Ems become a big sister and for her to have a little friend to play with!

I am feeling okay in the boy nursery department and am totally up for the decor challenge it’ll bring. We have also always had a larger list of boy names (even before Ems came) so I’m feeling good there too, but I’ll admit I am feeling less confident in the world of boy clothing. I am definitely a girlie girl through and through and I feel like that has so far rubbed off on Emsley. I am easily drawn in by all things pink, ruffle and lace so dressing a girl has been natural for me. Boy clothes however, well I guess I just don’t even know where to start! So if you know of any cute shops for boys please tag them on my Instagram page so I can start browsing! Ems had a full closet of clothes before she came into this world, so I feel like I can’t disappoint my son by not doing the same for him! 🙂  Also, any tips on raising a boy from all you boy moms out there are completely welcome too!

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