We’re Expecting! – First Trimester Update

Well as I’m sure most of you saw on Instagram, we are expecting!!! Our little bundle is due to arrive end of October and we couldn’t be more thrilled! This first trimester has been very different than my first trimester with Ems so I thought I would do a little first trimester update comparing the two.

With Ems, I was super nauseous and sick during my first trimester and suffered every day, through every meal. I packed on weight almost instantly because I was eating anything that would curb that nausea. Which really meant carbs, carbs and more carbs! Oh, and with a side of either chocolate milk or apple juice (both of which I hardly ever drink otherwise). I vomited a few times in her pregnancy, mostly right before bed and never at work, which actually helped me in terms of keeping it on the low down. This pregnancy however I had some nausea but not nearly as much. Instead of having it everyday, at every meal like I did with Ems, I found that I would get hit hard one day (where the whole day was awful), followed by about 4-5 days of feeling okay before I would get hit hard again with a really bad day. To be honest, I was kind of worried when the nausea went away as we experienced a miscarriage in the fall and that was one of the first signs. So I tried my best to stay calm in those moments, reminding myself that each pregnancy was different.. and sure enough the nausea would appear again. That’s one of the reasons why I wanted to write this update as I know how much I was questioning my own experience, worrying over every little thing. (Not that that has completely stopped!).

With Ems, I was extremely tired during the first trimester. I remember feeling so tired one day while driving home from work that I opened up all the windows (it was December) and blasted the music as loud as I could tolerate, in an attempt to remain awake. It was like I had been drugged with a sleeping pill that instantly wanted to knock me out. I couldn’t believe how so suddenly and so hard the tiredness came on. This time however, I have had moments of sleepiness here and there and have snuck away for naps when my hubby has been home but overall not nearly as bad. However, one has to wonder if life with a toddler just doesn’t allow for us to be as in tune with our sleeping needs!

One thing that has been consistent in both pregnancies so far has been my need for anything cold. I love popsicles, ice cold water (I usually drink room temperature) and iced tea. My cravings however have once again been very different. With Ems I wanted oranges, carrots with ranch dip and cheddar cheese but mostly ice cream! Oreo blizzards and twist cones were my weekly go-tos! This time I have been drawn to less sweet items, even trying an oreo blizzard a couple weeks ago thinking it would be great based on my last pregnancy, only to find myself quite disappointed with it. Instead, this time I’ve been drawn to all things salty! I am OBSESSED with Ms. Vickie’s Balsamic Vinegar and Sweet Onion chips. I can’t get enough!! I also am loving french fries and garlic dill pickles. Pickles?! How cliche, right? I remember when I was pregnant with Ems, my husband brought me home a jar of pickles assuming that all pregnant woman love pickles and I was very turned off by them. This time he must have assumed the same rule applied as I never saw any pop up in my fridge, so I was forced to purchase them myself! One craving that has been similar is my love for citrus; I have been enjoying oranges once again and also grapefruit this time around.

Another thing that has been the same but also different is the acne. I broke out like crazy in the first trimester with Ems. This time hasn’t been as bad but it is definitely still happening. With Ems I was finished by the second trimester (corresponded with when I felt better) but right now I haven’t been as lucky so we shall see what happens!

One thing that has been very different this time around, which I fully expected was how fast I started to show. By 9 weeks, which was just before we left for Hawaii, my belly button started to change shape. By 10.5 weeks it was quite obvious that I was pregnant when I was wearing bathing suits and tighter dresses. My work was onto me when I returned from Hawaii at 11 weeks and by 12 weeks people were talking. I would say I am showing about 5 weeks faster than I did with Ems. I guess because of the rapid early growth I started to experience lower back pain sooner. I pulled out the snoogle though and it has done the trick. Back pain is gone!

Anyone else have very different pregnancies? And if so, did it mean a different gender? We are still trying to guess what this little babe is. With Ems I was confident it was a girl once I became pregnant but this one has me more stumped. I originally had the girl instinct again but with this pregnancy being so different I started thinking maybe it could be a boy? We are planning to find out next week so if you have any thoughts or guesses, leave them below! 

2 thoughts on “We’re Expecting! – First Trimester Update

  1. I’m at 30 weeks now and during this whole pregnancy I have been obsessed with cold drinks. If the drink is not 90% ice I am not interested. When I first found out I was pregnant all I wanted was a burger and now I can’t stand the sight of them. Cravings are very entertaining. They definitely keep my husband on his toes!


    1. Oh yah! Good call. I forgot about burgers. I was definitely into those too at the beginning of my first pregnancy. I agree though, they are highly entertaining!


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