Pumpkin Patchin’ It

fullsizerender-18A couple of weekends ago the weather was beautiful, sunny and Saturday ended up being a perfect fall day so we decided to take the trip to a local pumpkin farm. This isn’t something I had done when I was growing up but I knew that once I had kids of my own it was something I wanted to do with them.

We had gone to a pumpkin farm last year when Ems was only a few months old but she ended up sleeping through the whole event. She woke up unintentionally for one photo op and wasn’t too impressed with us. This year though, was completely different. I wasn’t sure how much she would get out of the whole experience but she surprised us in how much she seemed to enjoy it! As you can see in the pictures, I could barely get her to look at the camera as she was too busy taking it all in. We looked at the corn, met some farm animals, went for a walk through the forest, played in the leaves and obviously checked out the pumpkins. She really enjoyed sorting the smaller pumpkins into different containers and banging on the larger ones! She even picked out a favourite pumpkin which we took home with us and you can see a few photos down. Overall, we had a great day being outside, spending time together and enjoying the fall weather. I can’t wait to keep this tradition up every year!
img_6298img_6450 fullsizerender-21 fullsizerender-20fullsizerender-22 img_6459img_6456img_6457 img_6455 img_6454 img_6460fullsizerender-17img_6458

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