Four Months Old

IMG_2030Our little pumpkin turned four months old on the weekend! Wow, how time flies! She currently weighs 11 pounds, 7 ounces and is still a tiny one as she is in the 5th percentile for weight. She is now back to being average for length and that is definitely showing in her onesies!

This past month did not bring any changes to Emsley’s sleep patterns. She is still sleeping through the night, typically about 8 hours straight on average and enjoys having an afternoon three-hour nap. In the evenings she continues to doze off anywhere from half an hour to a couple hours.

Emsley is still enjoying munching on her hands over her boppy. She will happily chew on the boppy when teething if it’s being held for her but will not often keep it in her mouth otherwise. She has become much better with grasping and is very happy to chew on Sophie or her teething toys. This new ability to hold toys more easily (without dropping them instantly) has led to increased play time! Her favourite toy this past month is her Oball rattle and she will play with it for quite a while, especially when its hanging from her activity gym. The activity gym has definitely been the most used toy around our house! We recently put her in her exersuacer and she was quite pleased with looking at the colours (probably cause it’s the only colour that exists within our home) but she is not able to touch the ground yet or reach a lot of the toys.

This past month has brought increased strength for Miss Lace! She is now able and confident holding her head up when lying on her tummy. It seems this latest discovery has led to a more positive experience for tummy time and she enjoys engaging in it much more. We are currently working on rolling over but have not experienced it as of yet!

She continues to enjoy talking and is still the most chatty and happy when lying on her changing table. She has recently starting shrieking when playing and has shared some giggles with us particularly after feedings. We are still waiting for the full blown laughs!

Bath time is still a favourite for mommy and has become even more fun for Emsley. She is now more interactive in the tub and loves playing with her bath toys. Her favourite thing to do is splash with her feet after mommy or daddy shows her how to do it. She gets very excited after she is able to do it on her own!

Four months brought on the four month shots which led to a whole evening of extreme fussiness and exhaustion. Prior to that we experienced our first cold, which broke this momma’s heart. The cold only ended up lasting four days, two of which were “tough”. It was then passed onto mommy and daddy who haven’t bounced back as quickly as her!IMG_2027IMG_2028IMG_2029

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