The Truth About Breastfeeding

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Summed up: It isn’t easy. Not for everyone, that is. I know some friends who have had great experiences from the beginning and I cannot be happier for them, but for me, that wasn’t the case. Today I write this post not to focus on the negative but rather to share the struggle I experienced, in hopes that other moms who might be currently or who might one day experience something similar, will feel encouraged to continue on.

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Rhubarb Basil Lemonade

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Since the warm weather arrived a few months ago, I have been a little disappointed that I am unable to indulge in all the yummy summer cocktails and sangrias that seem to make their way onto drink menus the minute the heat hits. Instead of whining, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create a refreshing summer mocktail for myself to enjoy. I know that I am currently no longer pregnant and some may ask why I am not making the choice to indulge in alcohol. Although others may choose to drink alcohol well breastfeeding and that is a personal decision that I do not judge; it is not the right decision for me. I am choosing to err on the side of caution and abstain while breastfeeding. I also can’t imagine timing and planning out when to consume alcohol, especially with a newborn whose needs seem to change every few days – right when we think we got it figured out! 😉

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