Camping First Birthday Party

I didn’t really have a theme in mind early on for my son’s first birthday party and was open to any ideas that crossed my path. I had originally thought about doing a cars theme, not the movie but just the whole concept of the vehicle because he LOVES wheels and toy cars but I talked myself out of it knowing he’d probably enjoy this theme when he got a bit older. I stumbled upon the dollar section at Target in early summer and it was full of camping decor items. I was instantly sold! They were so cute and the value for the items made it worth it, since I didn’t have to spend tons to get a bunch of stuff. My daughter has also been big on playing “camping” in our family room lately so I figured it would also be fun for her!

The camping theme in general was an easy one to shop and find items for, even if Target hadn’t come through so well! And since I started collecting items over the summer, lots of camping themed items were available. The wood signs, the little black lantern lights as well as the large black lantern were all from Target.

The little ceramic camper, fireplace and binoculars were also from Target in the dollar bins. The mugs I used to hold cutlery were from the Magnolia Collection at Target as well. I found the old red and blue lanterns at my cottage randomly so I borrowed them for the event. Christmas trees had just started coming out in October so I picked up the two that were on the table from Ikea. The beige and white picnic table cloth I hung behind the table was from Walmart Canada online and comes in a variety of colours. I figured a neutral tone in a classic pattern like that would be easily used again in the future. I was originally going to put it on the table but I thought the wood grain made sense with the theme and I liked the idea of changing up the backdrop from my usual white. The picnic style plates and napkins in red check were almost everywhere it seemed during the summer but these ones I specifically picked up were from the dollar store. I also got the little picnic table there which held ketchup, mustard, salt and pepper bottles. The blue scalloped cake stand, the wood word “ONE” and the silver balloons for the word “CAMP” were all from Michaels. The sign “Welcome To” was a plain wood pennant style banner that I bought a couple years ago from the party section at Target. I had my sister in law paint on it the letters in black. The “Don’t Feed The Bears” sign is from an Etsy shop called Elena Life Designs. The burlap runner I had bought from Michaels a couple years back for big sis’ first birthday party and threw it on the table for a bit more texture. The two wood crates I have had for a couple of years from my craft show days and were originally bought at Ikea.For the front step decor, I bought the wood signs which were originally rectangular from the dollar store in a pack of 6. I had my husband first cut them into the shape of an arrow and then had my sister in law do her magic by painting and lettering them for me. We then nailed them onto a birch trunk we had leftover also from sister’s first birthday party.Typically I do stickers on my front entrance wall but this time I figured I would try something different. Growing up, my family used to travel in our RV a lot so my mom happened to have all of our old maps in her basement that we used during those times. I picked ones with colours I liked and taped them up randomly onto our wall. It was cost effective (FREE!) and super easy to do, and I think it turned out great! The tent in front of the maps was from Ikea and the little fire cushion was a steal at 3 dollars from the Target dollar section! Baby brother’s “Happy Camper” t-shirt is from a local company called Little Orchard Co. I also got big sister a matching tank top in a bigger size so she can keep wearing it next summer! The 12 month picture frame is a Homesense find from a couple of months ago. I got a similar one like it for sister’s monthly photos and had to have one for him too! It’s such a great way to display them!For themed food we did mini burgers, pigs in a blanket, ants on a log, trail mix, s’more sticks and “fire” cupcakes. I also did a bunch of other appetizers that I had on my kitchen island which aren’t pictured. The cake was also camping themed and made from Cassidy & Johanna’s Cake Boutique. The cupcakes and number one cookies I made myself. For the highchair decor we used the same wood pennant banner sign as the one I used above the table. I just happened to have exactly three pieces leftover so it worked out perfectly! I then took a sprig of greenery from Michaels and broke it up, taping it to both sides of the highchair. I had made a crown for baby brother to wear out of wood looking paper from Michaels but my boy does not like things on his head and it didn’t last very long!The smash cake I ended up making myself and good thing I did because he didn’t eat one bite. In fact, he barely even touched it! It would have been such a waste if I would have bought one since he wasn’t into the whole cake smash concept and actually became quite upset when we encouraged him to do it, which is not typical of him! The little tree toppers I put on it were from Michaels and the little bears were from the dollar store. We didn’t do any large gifts for his birthday and instead got him few smaller car sets. The reason I didn’t do a larger toy is that I really couldn’t think of anything he needed. Since he has no clue what’s happening with gifts I figured we would wait and see what he’s interested in before we invest in something larger. I do love the idea of always getting a more classic, bigger toy for birthdays and Christmas but I didn’t want to buy something just because if I had nothing special in mind. If we think of something next spring and summer when he’s a bit older then we can do it then! It was the perfect sunny, fall afternoon to celebrate our little big guy. Thanks to everyone for coming out and for loving on him as much as we do! Happy first birthday baby brother!  


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