A Love Child Organics Summer Picnic

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that we’ve been tackling potty training over here…each day at a time..  One, of the few downsides to potty training is that it has led to many days of isolation, being confined within our home, forcing this momma to get creative. On the not so great days outside, the go to recently has been having indoor picnics in our living room on a blanket, but since the weather turned warm again, getting outside became a must! I decided to create a little outdoor picnic in our backyard for Miss Lace to find when she woke up from a nap last week. She absolutely LOVED the concept of it and has been asking for more picnics since! When Love Child Organics offered to send me some samples of their toddler snack products, I instantly agreed! We have been a Love Child fan since Ems started solids, buying their purees and toodle O’s. More recently, Ems is loving their lil’ shake drink in the chocolate flavour which is packed with protein. As a parent, I love the fact that Love Child uses only 100% organic ingredients, with no added sugars. Oh, and the fact that they are Canadian based doesn’t hurt either!

When setting up the afternoon, snack picnic, I decided to include a few of the Love Child Organics products for Ems to try. 

These adorable little organic cookies called owlies (in the shape of an owl) were a huge hit! She especially liked the raspberry + vanilla flavour.Emsley’s other favourite were these love ducks in carrot and apple flavour. They are corn and rice flour based and would be ideal for a younger child too, as they easily melt in your mouth. I eat granola bars fairly often that are filled with nuts so I am always quick not to share them with Ems, despite her curiosity. I love that these snack bars are full of fruit and made especially for kids, making them both healthy and appropriate. Ems was very happy and proud that she was allowed to have a bar just like her momma does! They come in lots of different flavours and are the perfect snack for on the go!Ems loved our little outdoor picnic, but this momma loved that Ems was enjoying all the snacks from Love Child Organics. Knowing that they are full of natural, dense ingredients, free of preservatives, have no added sugars and have minimal amounts of natural sugars, puts my momma mind at ease for when Ems needs a delicious, but healthy snack!


** Samples were provided by Love Child Organics but this post and all opinions shared are my own.

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