Black Friday Baby Girl Favourites

Since Canada has more recently jumped on the Black Friday bandwagon, us Canadians now have the opportunity to buy lots of items at great discounts just like our American friends before the Christmas holidays! For me, this means gift giving (one for me, one for you mentality) and of course baby girl clothes shopping!

Today I’ve rounded up some of my Black Friday holiday and winter favourites for baby girl from a variety of shops! The thicker materials, pom pom details, gold accents and winter touches like reindeers and penguins make me want to layer her up and snuggle by the fire. The discounts range in store and online from 30% – 50% off but no matter what the amount, it’s still a great deal! So shop away happy mommas and don’t forget to throw in a little something for yourself too! After all, ’tis the season! 🙂

1. Champagne Puffer Jacket | 2. Ballet Flats | 3. Reindeer Dress | 4. Star Purse |             5. Penguin Sweater | 6. Polka Dot Jacket | 7. Swan Tutu Dress | 8. Heart Sweatshirt | 9. Cable Knit Leggings 

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