Give Thanks

FullSizeRender-25My hubby and I decided to host a small dinner for his family at our place this past Thanksgiving weekend. A few months back I had won a turkey through work (random, I know) and had stowed it away in the freezer for safe keeping. Both my husband and I have never prepared a turkey before so we figured a free one was a good place for us to learn, as there was no loss if it didn’t work out! While my hubby managed the turkey (and most of the cooking I might add) I got to work on creating the perfect Thanksgiving tablescape.

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It was a low-key, quiet Thanksgiving, with only a small amount of people, but this year the birth of Emsley made it the most siginificant year for us yet in terms of giving thanks. We are so incredibly grateful for her presence in our lives and felt it was important that we celebrate her first Thanksgiving. She brings us so much joy, and we thank God for her health, growth and development not just today, but everyday.

1 Thessalonians 5:18

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